AuthorColin Dixon

Colin Dixon is an educator and aspiring author. Colin produces the weekly video "Very Poor Magic", and spends a great deal of his free time testing potential rogue decks for Standard on MTGO. Colin's ultimate mission is to meet Conley Woods, and to learn rogue deck building from the master. When Colin is not playing Magic he is pursuing one of his other life-long gaming dreams, professional poker.

SCG Talent Search – Very Poor Magic: Episode 3

Thursday, November 18th – Colin Dixon has a contest, everybody! Potential prizes, fame, etc. (or not) await within this episode. Or, just watch it for some good laughs. Remember to vote for your favorite entry by the end of the week!

SCG Talent Search – Very Poor Magic: Episode 2

Thursday, November 4th – Colin Dixon’s latest video has some improvements from last time: more material, cheaper decklists, and some card comparisons. In addition, it’ll put a smile on your face! Watch, vote, comment in the forums.