AuthorChris Lachmann

Chris Lachmann is half of the successful Two-Headed Giant team dubbed "The Sliver Kids" that stormed Pro Tour: San Diego. He is currently Level 5 in the Pro Player's Club.

Featured Article – The Pre-Nationals Metagame

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Thursday, July 31st – U.S. Nationals is nearly here… and Chris Lachmann is prepared! Today, he brings us his take on the metagame and decks to beat going into the event, and shares his gauntlet lists of all the major players from Swans Combo to Elves to Reveillark to Faeries. While the strategies presented here are not about to break new ground, the information is invaluable for those looking for a metagame snapshot before the events of the weekend unfold…

Feature Article – Mistmeadow Witch for Block Constructed

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Tuesday, July 1st – In his first article for StarCityGames.com, Pro Tour winner Chris Lachmann brings us the lowdown on the Block Constructed deck he co-created with Stuart Wright for Grand Prix: Birmingham – a spicy control number that fully utilizes the strength of Mistmeadow Witch…