AuthorChris Andersen

A mainstay of Midwest Magic, Chris Andersen has been turning creatures sideways since he was four years old. You can find him at most SCG Tour® Events, where he is a prominent member of the team Lotus. Chris is always looking to improve his own play, and help those around him figure out how to do the same.

Important Words Of Wisdom And Eldrazi In Legacy

Chris Andersen wants to pass on some excellent tips provided to him directly from one of Magic’s most celebrated minds! He also has a sweet Legacy build that you could take to conquer the Sunday Classic this weekend at #SCGATL!

Rebooting Standard And A Rogue Legacy List

Chris Andersen is putting the Modern down for now to get re-focused on this Standard format! And as a bonus treat, he’s getting hyped up for Eternal Masters and talking about an off-the-beaten-path deck for Legacy!

Jund: The Hero Modern Needs

Chris Andersen is pretty dead set on taking good old-fashioned Jund to #GPCharlotte! How safe is the choice and why does he feel like it’s the optimal way to go?

Going Green At Pro Tour Shadows Over Innistrad

The verdict is in: green cards are good in this Standard format. Want the details on all the great green ways you can win in this format? Chris Andersen breaks down the Pro Tour results to help prep you for #SCGMKE’s Standard Classic!

Take Me To Church

Archangel Avacyn and Chandra, Flamecaller are rumored to be big hitters for the #SCGBALT weekend, but one card that slipped past a lot of radars is Westvale Abbey! See the decks Chris Andersen is building in order to maximize this incredible land!

A Tale Of Two Ramp Decks

Chris Andersen fell in love with a ramp deck last season, but things have changed. See what he thinks is the defining principle of ramp archetypes and why the current iterations are missing something very crucial!

Team Chran Goes To Washington

Chris Andersen had an incredible time at #GPDC with a few very special teammates! Read about his tournament experience and what he thinks players should do to maximize the amount of fun they have in these unique team settings!

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Team Lotus has made a great name for themselves on The SCG Tour®! The #SCGPC, the Leaderboard, and the strong competition have all created a firestorm of cooperation. With #GPDC approaching, Chris talks about the joys of working with others in Magic!

Teach Your Kids To Play Magic

While we in the competitive scene often think of Magic in the most complex ways, it’s easy to forget just how beautifully simple it can be. Chris Andersen talks about how you can teach Magic to the most important people in your life in this touching piece.

This Land Is Your Land

Legacy is full of wild anomalies and decks you won’t see anywhere else! Chris Andersen has cemented himself as a major #SCGPHILLY contender with his insane Lands archetype, and today, he gives you a tour of the madness!

Doing Two Things In One Turn

The two-for-one is a classic Magic philosophy to gain a value advantage, but Magic these days asks that you take that concept even further! Read about Chris Andersen’s analysis of the best way to get ahead in a Magic game in 2016.

New Modern, New Eldrazi

Chris Andersen breaks down the deck that broke apart the Pro Tour metagame! How for real is this Colorless Eldrazi deck? Is it the best Modern weapon available going forward?