AuthorChris Andersen

A mainstay of Midwest Magic, Chris Andersen has been turning creatures sideways since he was four years old. You can find him at most SCG Tour® Events, where he is a prominent member of the team Lotus. Chris is always looking to improve his own play, and help those around him figure out how to do the same.

Gearing Up For #SCGRegionals!

#SCGRegionals is this weekend! What Modern decks should you be ready to battle with and against? Chris Andersen has the answers to your Modern questions!

How To Select Decks In New Standard Formats

Metagaming is a vital skill, but what do you do when you have almost no idea what a tournament field will look like? Oath of the Gatewatch Standard is still brand new, and Chris Andersen wants to tell you how to pick a deck for #SCGCOL!

Modern’s Legacy

Chris Andersen thinks the Modern bans are a symptom of a bigger format problem. How should it be fixed? The answer may lie in a format a little further back in time…

Taking Accountability For Your Play

Chris Andersen returns to the world of Magic strategy writing! Today, he’s beginning his resurgence by giving you one of the most helpful techniques to getting better at Magic! Read on!