AuthorCassidy McAuliffe

Cassidy got his start playing Magic in 1994 just after the release of Antiquities. He touched on just about every format before settling on Commander as a primary home for his creative focus. He is an active blogger and avid deckbuilder who lives in New Hampshire with his wife Nina and son Declan.

Dear Azami: Prismatic Tribal Notions

A reader is in desperate need of advice for their Horde of Notions deck, and Cassidy works his magic after being told that he has an unlimited budget to work from to make this Elemental playable for GenCon.

Dear Azami: Angels And Demons

Cassidy returns to some well-worn space for him, venturing once again into Angel Tribal with Radiant, Archangel at the helm. He’s learned how to build this exact deck from experience, but it’s shaped differently for a reader than it would be for himself…

Dear Azami: Hanna

This week’s Dear Azami reader wants some big-time help wielding a very notorious commander! Can Cassidy find a sweet new way to wield Hanna, Ship’s Navigator without angering the rest of the table?

Dear Azami: Mogis, God of Slaughter

This week on Dear Azami, Cassidy looks at some of the difficulties of using seldom-seen Commander color combinations! In the process, he helps an ailing reader repair his underwhelming Mogis deck.