AuthorBrennan DeCandio

A fifteen-year Magic veteran, Brennan DeCandio is one of the only three SCG Tour players to win back-to-back Opens. After multiple Pro Tour appearances, he now spends his time streaming Magic daily and collecting trophies by dominating on the SCG Tour circuit.

Marketing Yourself

Brennan has received some good fortune recently! It’s all because he’s just lucky, right? Well, not exactly. He talks the Grand Prix circuit, the SCG Tour, and how we often make our own luck!

No Bans, No Problem!

So Chainwhirler sticks around? No big deal! Core Set 2019 still has a lot of cool options that Brennan is excited to brew up this week!

Going To War With Llanowars

Brennan couldn’t help himself: He played some Elves during SCG CON. Get his lists for a number of different formats, including his thoughts on his surprising run at the Standard Classic with a rogue build!

Brennan Takes On SCG CON!

DeCandio could not be more excited for this event…even the Modern parts! Check out what’s on the SCG Tour star’s mind as he comes face to face with a field of opponents and a chance at glory!

What Went Wrong In Baltimore

Twice in short order, DeCandio and his team walked away just one round short of glory. Get the lowdown on the deck he played and which deck he thinks could stomp everyone in the coming weeks!

Dominating Dominaria

Brennan DeCandio hasn’t been this hyped to play Standard since Kaladesh showed up! We know he loves his Llanowar Elves, but what else has caught his eye? Decklists abound!

Shadow Of The Past

Brennan DeCandio reveals the Modern list he’d play at SCG Milwaukee if he were making the trip before looking to Magic’s post-Dominaria future! Mox Amber is the obvious place to start, but Brennan has greater ambitions…

The Elvish Visionary

Like the twigs and bones snapped in Llanowar’s forests, Brennan is ready to break! Between the new Mox Amber and his old Llanowar loves, he’s hitting Standard hard!

Pyromastering Modern

Brennan DeCandio took his spin on Bedlam Reveler to a Top 16 finish at SCG Dallas! Get his insights from fifteen Modern rounds in Texas and his latest list!

My Favorite Format

Brennan DeCandio may not be Modern’s most steadfast friend, but for now it’s his favorite format! Where does he think it’s headed going into SCG Dallas?