AuthorBen Weitz

Ben Weitz is a lifelong Magic player that has managed to stay on the Pro Tour scene for the past three years. He helped Jiachen Tao design the U/R Eldrazi deck that took home the trophy at Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch and has loved Eldrazi Temple ever since. He’s a member of Massdrop West, and can always be found hard at work trying to break formats with novel decklists, though he isn’t above registering the best known deck. Be sure to check out his podcast, Allied Strategies.

Introducing The Big Red Machine

Ben Weitz has a scorcher of a deck for Standard! He’s on a hot streak with Big Red, and if casting a gigantic Banefire sounds like fun, this article is for you! SCG Baltimore’s Classic and the Standard portion of SCG CON are on their way!

While The Iron Is Hot

More and more players are gravitating towards the KCI combo deck! Get a detailed guide to its Modern enemies here and find out how long it can sustain itself in the metagame!

The Guide To R/G Eldrazi

Ben Weitz is a big fan of all things Eldrazi, and Bloodbraid Elf has become an honorary member of the tribe! Get his guide to all the important Modern matchups for the breakout deck here!