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Arena Decklists (formerly The GAM Podcast) is hosted by Gerry Thompson and Bryan Gottlieb and is the most hyper-focused, competitive Magic: The Gathering podcast. They've defined metagames and helped countless players up their game.

Pioneer Post-Bans With @HS_Orange

@HS_Orange talks Pioneer! Orange got his professional gaming start in Magic and has been crushing Pioneer online. Gerry asks Orange about the format, the Banned and Restricted list, how to test, and lessons learned from playing Hearthstone at the highest level.

Standard Is Exploitable, Plus Pioneer

Standard is broken, but Gerry and Bryan are ready to exploit that! When the best deck maindecks Noxious Grasp, what should you be playing? Also, coverage of the Pioneer format continues!

Modern After Throne Of Eldraine

The first Modern results with Throne of Eldraine are in! Is Urza broken or is everyone wrong? Why is Oko everywhere? Is Amulet Titan suddenly good? Gerry and Bryan break it all down!

Bant Golos Deep Dive

Gerry and Bryan do what they do best, which is go deep on the best deck in Standard! Which version is the best? What’s the best plan for the mirror? What’s good against it?

The Throne Of Eldraine Standard Tier List

The Arena Decklist crew has been hard at work figuring out the deck to play in the new Standard. In Bryan’s case, he’s been defining the metagame almost singlehandedly! Find out what they think are the best decks for this weekend!

The Goose Is Loose!

Gerry and Bryan review the MTG Arena Streamer Showcase event and talk about where Standard is going, which cards went up in their rankings, and which cards went down after seeing Throne of Eldraine in action.