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Arena Decklists (formerly The GAM Podcast) is hosted by Gerry Thompson and Bryan Gottlieb and is the most hyper-focused, competitive Magic: The Gathering podcast. They've defined metagames and helped countless players up their game.

Standard, Modern, And Pioneer Technology

With two of the year’s biggest tournaments happening on back-to-back weeks, Gerry and Bryan have been going deep into each Constructed format. Despite casting the Season Two Invitational instead of playing, Bryan thinks he might have broken it…

Pioneer Post-Bans With @HS_Orange

@HS_Orange talks Pioneer! Orange got his professional gaming start in Magic and has been crushing Pioneer online. Gerry asks Orange about the format, the Banned and Restricted list, how to test, and lessons learned from playing Hearthstone at the highest level.

Modern After Throne Of Eldraine

The first Modern results with Throne of Eldraine are in! Is Urza broken or is everyone wrong? Why is Oko everywhere? Is Amulet Titan suddenly good? Gerry and Bryan break it all down!

Bant Golos Deep Dive

Gerry and Bryan do what they do best, which is go deep on the best deck in Standard! Which version is the best? What’s the best plan for the mirror? What’s good against it?

The Throne Of Eldraine Standard Tier List

The Arena Decklist crew has been hard at work figuring out the deck to play in the new Standard. In Bryan’s case, he’s been defining the metagame almost singlehandedly! Find out what they think are the best decks for this weekend!

The Goose Is Loose!

Gerry and Bryan review the MTG Arena Streamer Showcase event and talk about where Standard is going, which cards went up in their rankings, and which cards went down after seeing Throne of Eldraine in action.

Throne of Eldraine Top 10s!

#MTGELD previews haven’t quite concluded, but Gerry and Bryan are ready to call it. They have their Top 10 lists, some honorable mentions, and a ton of excitement for Eldraine Standard. Come listen to what they’ve been working on!

Throne Of Eldraine Previews!

The first previews for Throne of Eldraine are here! Listen to Gerry and Bryan talk about Adventure, adamant, Food, Garruk, Oko, Knights, Rankle, Brawl, and more!

First Stoneforge Decklists!

Magic Online posted the first winning decklists of the new Modern on Friday, so Gerry and Bryan waited to record last week’s episode until they were up. Hear their first reactions to the lists, many of which featured Stoneforge Mystic!

Banned And Restricted Ramifications

What’s up with the Rampaging Ferocidon unban? We expected Hogaak to get the axe, but Faithless Looting? Plus, the early front-runners for Stoneforge Mystic! Catch up on this live recording from Twitch!