AuthorAndrew Shrout

Andrew Shrout is a semi-professional Magic player and Magic Online ringer perhaps better known as JohnnyHotSauce. He has five SCG Top 8s with two wins, competed in the 2012 Magic Online Championship, and earned a Top 8 at Pro Tour Dragon's Maze.

Deck Selection Animal Style

Want to attack the Standard metagame with something different at #SCGDET? Find out how from Pro Tour Dragon’s Maze Top 8 competitor Andrew Shrout!

Notes From The Other Side

Andrew writes about what he learned at #SCGSEA, his first tournament as a member of the coverage team rather than a player, before he heads to #SCGLA.

One Door Closes, Another Opens

Andrew Shrout talks about Storm at Grand Prix Richmond, making Top 4 of a Standard PTQ with Naya Aggro, and his new gig on the StarCityGames.com coverage team!

The Philosophy Of Fair

Before SCG Legacy Open: St. Louis this weekend, find out why Andrew will probably be putting Death and Taxes back on the shelf after Grand Prix Paris.

Fresh Look At Selesnya

Pro Tour Dragon’s Maze Top 8 competitor Andrew Shrout writes how he might go about updating G/W Aggro just in time for SCG Standard Open: New Jersey!