AuthorAlex Ullman

Alex Ullman is a long-time player and proponent of competitive Pauper. He has been playing Magic since 1994 and has been deeply involved in the Magic Online Pauper community since 2005, helping to spread the common word. He was part of the victorious inaugural Community Cup Team in 2009.

A Second Bout Of Madness

With Arrogant Wurm and Circular Logic joining online Pauper thanks to the release of Vintage Masters, Alex is exploring the format’s first true tempo deck with a firm grasp of the deck’s former history and card choices.

Infecting Pauper

No Invigorate? No problem! Alex Ullman explains why the time has come to reconsider a newer, remodeled Infect build for Pauper.

Going Mad for Pauper

Madness? With Arrogant Wurm and Circular Logic joining online Pauper after Vintage Masters is released, Alex Ullman thinks so! Get three decklists built around the soon-to-be-common cards and join Alex’s call to bring a bit of life back to the format!

Pauper Brew House

Online Pauper may be waiting for Journey into Nyx, but that just means more time to brew for the likes of Alex! He presents seven Pauper brews and invites you to find your favorite!

A Pauper Path Through Nyx

Check out Alex’s review of Journey into Nyx for Pauper to see which cards from the new set might have a home in the commons-only format!

A Dimir Existence

If you want to do something different and powerful in the Pauper format, give Alex Ullman’s B/U Tortured Existence deck a try in your next event!

What Pauper Needs

In this week’s article, Alex offers up some ideas for how Wizards of the Coast and the Pauper community could improve the commons-only format.

UnPaupular Opinions

Pauper expert Alex Ullman shares some conclusions he has come to about the current format. Do you agree or disagree with his views?

A Pauper’s Postbox

If you want to know what deck you should pick up to get started in Pauper or what the current metagame looks like, then read Alex’s mailbag article.

A Pauper’s Year In Review

This week Alex reviews 2013 in Pauper, from the January bans to the taking away of Pauper Daily Events, and talks about what he’d like to happen in 2014.

Combo Breaker

Today Alex highlights a few combo decks that might be good choices to take into the eight-man Pauper queues on Magic Online. Check them out!