AuthorAJ Kerrigan

While he might look young, AJ Kerrigan already plays like a seasoned veteran. Don't be at all surprised if you see AJ cleaning up at StarCityGames.com Opens, Grand Prix, and Pro Tours in the near future.

Crouching Magus, Hidden Strings

Looking for something new and crazy for Standard? Look no further! Resident rogue brewer AJ Kerrigan returns to pull some combo strings for your entertainment. Try this one at your next FNM or even #SCGDAL!

Preparing For Set Release

AJ Kerrigan discusses some general rules that he focuses on when trying to prepare for a new format, like the upcoming Standard with Born of the Gods.

Goal Orientation

AJ Kerrigan returns with some advice about goals and how you can use them to achieve more success in Magic tournaments.

It’s been quite a while.

Brewing A New Standard

AJ looks at some different takes on the Standard metagame rather than call it ‘solved’ by Esper vs. Devotion to X vs. R/G Monsters. Want to play G/W Tokens? How about beating down with Boros?

Theros Sleeper Agents

AJ Kerrigan shares his list of Theros cards that have potential but are under the radar. Keep an eye out for them at SCG Standard Open: Cleveland this weekend!

Modern Monstrosities

With Standard rotating shortly, AJ takes a break from it while we wait for Theros to discuss some sweet Modern decks. Share your own brews in the comments!

This Is For You Bogbrew

AJ Kerrigan shares two Bogbrew Witch brews he’s been having some fun with lately. Give one of them a try at your next Friday Night Magic!

Getting Ready For #SCGINVI

Get excited for SCG Open Series: New Jersey featuring the Invitational this weekend by reading about how AJ Kerrigan prepared for the event.

The Birth Of An Aristocrat

AJ tells you how he was inspired to start playing and tuning Jund Aggro in Standard. Take a look at his latest list before Grand Prix Miami this weekend!

Grinding To A Halt

This week AJ shares some tips for dealing with tilt at Magic tournaments and tells you what you can do to avoid burnout and grow as a player.

Standard Diversity

AJ Kerrigan has some sweet Standard brews to share with you from Magic Online today. Try one out at the SCG Standard Open in Baltimore this weekend!