AuthorAaron Nicastri

Aaron is the 2008 Australian National Champion, and the 2008 Rookie of the Year.

Feature Article – Standard Manipulation

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Tuesday, July 28th – A few weeks ago, established rogue deck designer Aaron Nicastri rocked into the Top 8 of Australian Nationals with an innovative list developed by his friends. Today, he explains the genesis of the deck, and takes us through the matchups and sideboard plans. Could it be the deck to take your next Standard tournament by storm?

Feature Article – Brainstorming Standard with Conflux

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Thursday, January 29th – With the new Conflux cards arriving this weekend, and becoming legal for Constructed play on the day of their release a week later, 2008 Rookie of the Year Aaron Nicastri brainstorms his own personal view of the Standard metagame in the post-Conflux world…

Feature Article – My Extended Testing Process

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Thursday, January 8th – Aaron Nicastri, 2008 Rookie of the Year, returns to set out a comprehensive testing process for the approaching Extended PTQ season. He presents us with his personal Extended gauntlet, and details an intensive testing plan that should maximize your testing success in the coming weeks and months…

Feature Article – Three Versions of Tron in Extended

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Tuesday, December 23rd – In his first article for StarCityGames.com, newly crowned Rookie of the Year Aaron Nicastri takes us through Blue/Black Tron for the upcoming Extended PTQ season. On top of that, he brings powerful Blue/White and Blue/Red versions to the table. Could these decks be the breakout builds that send you to Hawaii?