Wacky Wednesdays #13: Here, Have A Grenade!

Share your craziest multiplayer story and win $5 in StarCity credit!

So I lied – sue me. Last week, I was talking about this cool legend this week’s story would be about, it turns out that I remembered the story wrong. It wasn’t about the legend, but about his younger brother. Let me give you a hint:”It’s pink and it flies (sometimes).”

That was easy, huh?

Let’s get the show started and see how gifts can turn into killing devices.

Here, Have A Grenade! by Allen Kelly

A friend of mine now plays a combo deck (sort of) that came about accidentally when we were playing a multiplayer game once. Another in the group was playing a creature-hate deck – red/white with Wraths, Pyroclasms, Æther Flash and Dingus Staff. There were two Dingus Staffs out and one Æther Flash.

Then he cast a Questing Pheldagriff and later attacked the creature hate player with it. The creature hater cast a four-point burn spell at the ‘Griff. The ‘Griff player gave his Quester +1/+1 and was trying to decide who to give the hippo to. Then he noticed the Flash and the Staffs. Since he had a large amount of green mana, he was quickly able to take out the rest of us in short order by giving us lots of hippos (had to save the creature hater for last, of course).

Since then, he has modified his deck to use the idea – and the combo works quite well in multiplayer. If only we could convince him to try to play his combo deck with less than 250 cards (he’s one of those players that uses most of their cards in one large deck). We’ve been able to convince him to cut it down to four colours and only 200 cards for the sake of his favorite combo – maybe one day we can convince him to make two or three decent decks with his cards, leaving a trim Pheldagriff deck that can come up with the combo in less than 30 turns.

Next Week

While Mr. Alongitog is working on his Hall of Fame, next week’s story will show you why #15 of his green list is included – and should stay included until there is a Snow-Covered Volcanic Island. Stijn van Dongen, of StarCity fame, will write about doing broken stuff on turn 3, and I will share a little story about hosing the land collector.

‘Til then, have fun,