Video: Grand Prix Atlanta Draft Commentary

Spend some time inside the head of Hall of Famer Brian Kibler! Follow along as The Dragonmaster gives insight into everything he thought about during a recorded Grand Prix Atlanta draft!

I thought I’d do something a little bit different for my article this week. I played in Grand Prix Atlanta this past weekend, and while the tournament
itself didn’t go very well for me despite a solid Day 1 start, I did have the opportunity to have my draft recorded by coverage for the first pod of Day 2.
After the draft, I thought that the way that things went was extremely interesting, and I was very happy it was recorded because I wanted the opportunity
to discuss it with other players.

Initially, my plan was just to ask some of the other players in my playtest group, whose opinions on draft I especially respect, to watch it and give me
feedback, but I decided that was unnecessarily limited in scope. As a result, I asked Rashad of GGSlive to post the video in a format I could download, and
I recorded commentary over the draft itself.

In addition to this video with my commentary, you can find the coverage video with commentary by Marshall Sutcliffe and Randy Buehler on YouTube if you
want to hear an outside perspective on my choices as they’re happening.

This is the first time I’ve done something like this, and I’m curious about what you all think about this kind of content. Let me know if you’re interested
in seeing more like this and how you think I might be able to improve on it in the future.

Without further ado…my first GP Atlanta draft!

The Draft