Video: Arestocrats In Standard

Championship deckbuilder Sam Black continues working on his Restoration Angel infused Aristocrat deck. Watch and see if you should try it at #SCGKNOX or #SCGMINN!

My Standard deck from the StarCityGames.com Invitational has a long way to go. Today I’m going to continue the project of tuning it, picking up where I left off in my last article with my Restoration Angel infused Aristocrat deck that I’m “cleverly” calling “Arestocrats”:

Game 1 had a lot of back and forth, and just when it looked like I was set to make a comeback, my opponent hit an excellent series of draws. In game 2, I mulled to five and never really put up much resistance.

My opponent’s draws were both quite poor here, and mine managed to be aggressive enough to kill him before he could draw out of either one.

Game 1 was so close, but he managed to pull it out. Game 2, on the other hand, I just got destroyed. I’m not set up to beat Burning Earth ever.

Again, my opponent came out just a little too fast, and I stumbled on mana substantially in the second game.

Overall, I felt like I kept narrowly losing, which makes me think the deck might be on the right track but not quite optimized yet. The problem felt like exactly what you’d guess by looking at the list. My curve is just too bad. I suspect that the first step is to cut two the Olivia Voldarens for two two-drops; the question is figuring out the right ones.

I don’t think I make enough creatures for Blood Artist or Skirsdag High Priest. Bloodthrone Vampire feels a little underpowered. Imposing Sovereign doesn’t really feel like part of the plan, but it would be nice against aggressive creatures. I almost wish Sparkmage Apprentice was legal. Knight of Infamy is playable but not especially on plan. Actually, I think Nearheath Pilgrim is probably my best bet. It plays well with Lifebane Zombie and Falkenrath Aristocrat and helps a lot against aggressive decks, which have been just too fast.

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