Round 9: Ben Weinburg vs. Brett Blackman

Ben Weinburg vs. Brett Blackman

Round 9 Coverage

In Game one, both players lead with dual Ancestral Visions and turn 2 Bitterblossoms and take damage for a few turns. During Ben’s upkeep Ancestral Vision attempts to resolve which Brett then counters with Spellstutter Sprite. Ben plays Cryptic Command, but Brett has the Rune Snag. Brett’s Ancestral Vision resolves then, refilling his hand. Brett then attacks with two tokens and the Spellstutter Sprite, taking Ben to thirteen. During Ben’s upkeep, Brett plays Mistblind Clique during Ben’s upkeep. Ben Terrors the Clique with the Champion trigger on the stack, and Brett sacrifices the Clique.

Ben attacks with his Faerie tokens, taking Ben to fourteen.

Brett attacks back with three tokens and a Spellstutter Sprite, using Pendelhaven to knock Ben to seven. Ben draws his card and just passes the turn. Brett attacks with the Spellstutter Sprite and four Bitterblossom tokens. Ben blocks all but one token, going to 5. Brett attempts to play another Bitterblossom but it is Cryptic Commanded, with Ben drawing a card off it as well. Brett plays Pestermite at Ben’s end of turn to tap Faerie Conclave, and Ben taps the Conclave in response and Terrors the Pestermite. Seeing the inevitable, Ben scoops em up.

For Game 2, both players keep their opening hands. Brett leads with a Thoughtseize for Ben’s Bitterblossom, also revealing two Terrors, a Spellstutter Sprite, Cryptic Command and Mutavault.

Brett Suspends Ancestral Vision with his singular land. Ben continues to lay land while Brett suspends yet another Ancestral Visions. Ben attacks Brett with two Mutavaults, and Brett scoops ‘em up after seeing no more land.

Brett leads with a suspended Ancestral Visions, and suspends another on Turn 2. Ben plays the dreaded Turn 2 Bitterblossom. Brett activates and attacks with Faerie Conclave, taking Ben to 18. Ben plays a Morph and passes. Brett Terrors the morph, which turns out to be Fledgling Mawcor, while Ben attacks with a token. Ben then plays another Bitterblossom, taking damage from his painlands. Brett’s 1st Ancestral Visions resolves, filling his hand, and plays his own Fledgling Mawcor. Ben begins to accumulate tokens and loses life, then Terrors the Mawcor and attacks with two tokens, dropping Brett to twelve.

Brett’s second Ancestral Visions resolves and he plays two Scions of Oona. Ben meanwhile plays a morph and passes. Brett plays Nameless Inversion on the morph, which is of course another Fledgling Mawcor, activates his Faerie Conclave and attacks. Ben attacks with six tokens and Brett blocks once. Brett activates Faerie Conclave and attacks.

Ben attemps to play Mistblind Clique, which meets a Rune Snag. Brett attacks with both Scion of Oonas, which are chump blocked. Ben draws his card, sees no answers, and concedes.

Evan “misterorange” Erwin
Live from Richmond, VA