The StarCityGames.com Digest for the Week Ending 01/09/2004

Kartin’ Ken confuses Long kritics, White Urzatron control piques reader interest, and Vintage articles dominate the week, all in the latest edition of the StarCityGames.com Digest!

The most popular articles last week were all about White Urzatron decks, with Ron Parnaso making his splash on Wednesday, and [author name="Iain Telfer"]Iain Telfer[/author] following that on Friday with a slightly different version. Sulli chatted about Singleton Psychatog (and why that’s possible), Joshua X. discussed Flagpole Opposition, and Kenneth S. Krouner confused everyone with his Good Man of the Week award. All in all, it was a good week, but here’s the best of what you might have missed:


On Wednesday, blisterguy made a brief, but welcome appearance discussing some typical flaws most players exhibit when preparing their sideboards for particular match-ups. After smiling like an idiot off and on through the article, all I can say is,”More Please.”


Limited Strategy

In a surprise move, Nate”Charging Slateback” Heiss chimed in on Wednesday with his opinions about how you should be drafting R/G in Mirrodin Limited. Expect to see more from Nate in the coming months, as he has indicated his intent to write more for us, continuing to deliver the solid analysis and quirky decks he is known for.


On Tuesday, (and a full two months after I mentioned the idea (apparently”soon” means something entirely different to Type I players)), JP Meyer chimed in with A Year End look at Type I, continuing our recent trend of posting strong Vintage submissions on the site. He also asked our readers to post any possible ideas they had for him to write about in the forums, so if you want to see more of JP and you’ve been procrastinating about giving him suggestions, now would be a good time to, uh, stop.

Wednesday delivered something completely different with regards to StarCityGames.com normal content, as Matt Pietarinen turned in the excellent The Type 1.5 Metagame and Its Decks To Beat. As with Type I, I will be happy to continue posting good articles on this excellent format as long as you folks keep submitting them.

Also of interest to Type I fans will be Doug Linn My Fish Wear Hot Pants, an amusing tournament report detailing his adventures with a powered Fish deck, and featuring a cameo appearance from none other than StarCityGames.com own Steve Menendian.

Last on the list of excellent Vintage articles we received for the week, was Friday’s Word is Bond! Building Budget: Part Deux from Avi Flamholz. Avi just missed winning the fifty dollar prize last week, but he takes it home this week for another in what we hope will be a long line of interesting, accessible articles. Congratulations!

Multiplayer and Casual

On Monday, Rap Stars Fat Eric and Brad E. (okay, maybe not, but their names sound like old-school rappers) delivered the highly amusing Racing Tangleblooms for Moxen, an account of their adventures in the wonderful world of Two-Headed Giant Team Sealed. I, myself, am waiting for any local tournaments where Moxen are the prize, but would be particularly intrigued by Two-Headed Giant Sealed tournaments…