The SCG Top 8: August 15, 2016

From this weekend’s #SCGNY notable finishes to the upcoming #SCGINVI and beyond, Danny West’s SCG Top 8 has you covered! Get caught up on the weekend and ready for what’s next!

1. Ross “The Ross” Merriam Wins Again

Ross Merriam and his Roanoke counterpart, Tom Ross, took Dredge to the top of Modern over the weekend. If you follow their work on SCG, you knew this was the direction things were going. And if they didn’t give it away, someone else certainly did…

2. Todd Anderson Calls Modern, Wins Standard

On Premium, Todd told you which deck would win the Modern main event in plain sight last week. He told you what was coming and why. Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t turn that into a big Modern victory, leaving the duties to his aforementioned bossier (and Rossier!) friends.

But he went and won the Standard Classic anyway, because total bust weekends are no fun, and he’d rather win stuff.

3. Of Battlefields and Battlefields

Human events around the world are a complicated thing. It’s wonderful that Magic has the power to help us along the way.

For instance, one group of Human Soldiers has taken up Magic, Magic writing, and events as a means to bond and battle the time while overseas.

Check out Matt Zerbe’s piece on hate drafting or their Facebook group for more insight into their flourishing Magic league!

4. Robert Santana Wins #GPPort with Jund Delirium

Standard continues to do some evolving, though it appears we’ve found the most dominant mechanical strategy to build around.

Though non-Jund shards were the way to go at #PTEMN, it looks like Jund may be the future of the strategy.

The #SCGINVI should provide us with more data on this, though Modern will certainly muddy those waters somewhat. Which Delirium list is the best way to go this weekend in New Jersey?

5. Speaking of #SCGINVI

This weekend marks the return of the biggest event on The SCG Tour®! With a Pro Tour invite, your very own token, and a lot of money on the line, this weekend will be a showcase of the best and brightest on The SCG Tour®!

Can’t make the trip? Draw horribly in your last Invitational Qualifier final? You can watch all the action on SCGLive starting this Friday!

6. Need More Magic Prestige?

Has there been a more hot summer for Magic than this one? Pro Tour Eldritch Moon just finished. The #SCGINVI is this weekend. And then, there’s this.

In less than a month, the Pro Tour’s crown jewel event happens. The most exclusive Magic tournament on the planet will feature Player of the Year Owen Turtenwald, the incomparable Luis Scott-Vargas, international superstars like Yuuya Watanabe and Shouta Yasooka, and of course, our very own Brad Nelson and Mike Sigrist!

Brad and Mike clearly have the advantage, being identical twins and all.

7. The Greatest Backstabber in the Multiverse

The first Conspiracy set overachieved and then some. For a first go at a bizarre format centered around strange Limited play, the set got rave reviews across the board. It also introduced us (finally) to Dack Fayden, at least in card form.

Is Kaya going to make the same impact on Vintage that Dack Fayden has? Maybe not, but the character is extremely intriguing, and she’s sure to be a fan favorite during pack-crackings, Cube building, and of course, Commander pods!

Conspiracy’s new installment, Conspiracy: Take the Crown, releases on August 26th.

8. Videos for Everyone!

In case you missed it, SCG has been proud to put all of our Premium content creators’ Magic Online videos out for all the world to see on SCG Select! For two weeks and counting, you’ve been able to find the visual aids, commentary, and entertainment you so deserve.

You can expect to see more of the same going forward. Want a sample? Here’s GerryT’s latest from today!