The Magic Show – Complete Dragon’s Maze Set Review: Black, Rakdos, & Dimir

Hang out with Brad Nelson and Evan Erwin as they discuss all of the black, Rakdos, and Dimir cards in Dragon’s Maze!

Editor’s Note: New cards can be a little tricky. As you will see during this episode of The Magic Show, Evan and Brad misunderstood what Reap Intellect does. We considered doing a reshoot of the entire episode, but we felt that a note from me would suffice. We sincerely apologize for the misstep and hope you enjoy the rest of the show. – Cedric

Evan is Gruul. Gruul is ruled by emotion and experience. The thrill of the hunt or the glee of destruction. Over the top and loving it, that’s me to a T. Gruul mages FTW! 🙂

Brad is Golgari.
I am a big threat that is just waiting to come back from the dead. Time to scavenge up some results!