The Magic Show #20 – SCG $1k Open Top 4

In a continuation of yesterday’s installment of the video article series The Magic Show, our genial host Evan brings us a Top 4 matchup from the recent StarCityGames.com $1000 Open. The decks on parade? Dragonstorm and Solar Fires.

Hello everybody. Today we go deep into the matchup of Solar Fires and Dragonstorm. This includes pre and post-interviews, as well as analysis and a hopefully a few interesting questions for feedback in the forums.

Here are the decklists from both opponents:

Here were their sideboarding plans after Game 1 (they did not change after Game 2):

Brian takes out one Grozoth, one Gigadrowse and two Mishra’s Bauble

Brian brings in four Wipe Away

Charles takes out one Lightning Angel, one Demonfire, one Sacred Mesa

Charles brings in three Faith’s Fetters

My belief is that Charles should’ve taken out the rest of his Lightning Angels and one Wrath of God in exchange for three Giant Solifuge and one Ivory Mask.

Also, Brian took out a Gigadrowse, which I think is very important to him in surviving this matchup.

What do you think?

Join me tomorrow when we tackle the Top 2!

Evan “misterorange” Erwin
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Written in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.
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