The Magic Show #12 and #13: Watch Solar Pox In Action!

Evan Erwin was on-site when the new Solar Pox deck won the StarCityGames.com $1,500 Standard Open – and he got it all on video! Watch interviews with Ken Adams, the deck’s creator, as well as a complete video of both games of the finals! You want to see how Solar Pox rebounds from having one of two Haakons Castigated out of the game, then having the rest of his hand Persecuted? Watch and see!

Hello everybody, and welcome to the Magic Show. Today, I have a special treat – I bring to you one of the best new decks in the new Time Spiral Standard, and incredible twist on an old favorite. Due to the length of this video, it is presented in two parts. (And due to me missing the deadline by just a few hours (thanks YouTube), it is also episodes #12 and #13.)

Solar Pox, Part 1:

Solar Pox, Part 2:

[The following is a partial transcript from today’s show]

Everyone knows that Solar Flare is incredible, but it lost so much! What can it do to make up for it? Well, Ken Adams certainly has an idea. But before we get to that, a little setup:

I made it to Roanoke, Virginia over the weekend in hopes to attend the StarCityGames $1,500 tournament. And I made it… Ten minutes late. Just as the players were shuffling up for Game 1, I barged in after I couldn’t find the place. It was, as they say, tragic.

But no matter. After some discussions with the brilliant mastermind Ferrett, I was off to get some great coverage of the event’s top decks and players. In the final round, I found a matchup where a player who was 5-1 was paired down with a 4-2 player, where one of them was assured at Top 8 presence if he won, and the other had a shot. They were going to play it out.

This was a match of an intesting Firemane Angel/Burn deck against what would become one of the most powerful decks I’ve seen in weeks: Solar Pox.

Tune in tomorrow for that match and the full Top 8 decklists and see Ken’s road to victory – From the 7th round through the quarter and semi finals facing both Zoo and a cool R/W/B Firemane Angel deck!

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Evan mentions that there are other matches and to “See the videos below,” but in his rush to get this video to you he forgot to give me a list of said videos. Rather than waiting, I figured I’d get this up now and edit it later if he gets back to me. Champs is just around the corner, folks!)

Thanks for watching.

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