The GAM Podcast: The Sleeper Decks Of Core Set 2019 Standard

GerryT and Bryan help you finish out your work week with a fun look at the sudden possible usurping of The Chainwhirler! Listen before you set sail for SCG Philadelphia weekend!

Goblin Chainwhirler is unplayable! Nah, just kidding, but it does seem to
be just another great card in a sea of great cards. Is the reign of Goblin
Chainwhirler finally over? Has Steel Leaf Champion taken the throne?

How do Nicol Bolas, Sai, and the rest of Core Set 2019‘s all-stars
fit into the mix? Is Paradoxical Outcome the real deal?

Gerry and Bryan cover all this, plus the Core Set 2019 card that’s
poised to have the biggest impact in Modern!

We Love Katamari


Militia Bugler in Modern – 1:30

Standard – 9:31

Vine Mare – 19:10

Zombies & Sarkhan’s Unsealing – 33:02

Paradoxical Outcome – 38:20

Question of the week – 53:03

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