Thank God It’s FNM: B/W Zombies

Since AJ wasn’t able to attend FNM this past Friday, he recorded a Standard Daily Event for you instead! Watch him play four rounds with B/W Zombies.


Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Thank you for watching everyone! While it will be rare that I can’t attend FNM, this seems like a good option for the few occasions I can’t. As usual, feel free to submit decks for me to try out in this column. Let me know what you thought of the videos and this idea as a whole.

The deck was definitely a lot of fun to play and even though my final record of 1-3 did not reflect it, it is a very powerful deck. Your mana base can bite you a good amount of time, but maybe we will have another four dual lands with the release of Return to Ravnica in three months (I’m looking at you, Godless Shrine). I wasn’t really impressed with Crypt Creeper in the one match I played against Zombies, though it didn’t get to see much play anyway. I unfortunately didn’t get to play against the type of deck where I wanted to side in Sorin, but he seems sweet normally. If you give this deck a try and you play him in the sideboard, let me know how he does.

For this Friday I’m still working on getting the last few cards, but I think I will be playing W/R Tempered Steel. If I can’t get the last few cards, I may need to make a quick audible. Look for that to be up next week. As always, thank god it’s FNM!

AJ Kerrigan

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