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As promised, we’re doing our best to ensure that our Premium members are getting their money’s worth. Here’s what a few of them have had to say…

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As promised, we’re doing our best to ensure that our Premium members are getting their money’s worth. Here’s what a few of them have had to say…


“I signed up the first day premium was available. It has been worth every penny. Knut was right on with his predictions for Regionals and States. Although the Extended Meta was opaque prior to PT: LA (the pros were hiding their best stuff it seems…) the coverage and analysis since then has really been superb.”majestyk1136

“Getting people like this to write really makes my $30 per year.”Space_Stormy

” I’d just like to say that this is the best deck I’ve seen in awhile that isn’t a complete rehash or retread of the “big 3″. Popped this mofo in Magic Workstation, six matches later haven’t lost a game yet.”misterorange

“Very good article! Articles like this one makes prenium worth its money.”Poukis

“Great article and nice analysis.”CrazyPierre2

” Great article. Concise, and explains things pretty well. It’s great to have such a detailed sideboard plan. When the author obviously has a clear idea of the switches to make when boarding, it seems a huge oversight to fail to mention which cards come out. Julien manages to do this, and provide explanations for some of the decisions that aren’t immediately obvious – as I said, a great article..”The Scientist

“Good article. I especially like the sideboarding plans and explanations of them.”donate_illusions

“Wow. I know i should post more, but i just read the entire article and all ive got is wow.”Shadow_fang

“Not to be a complete meme, but WOW. Amazing work. It deserves its premium status many times over.”misterorange

“Absolutely amazing article Steve.”moxlotus

“The first draft I did after reading this article, I forced U/B mill and won.”Jaksiel

“I’ve been making G/B constantly and win just slightly better than… zero percent of the time. Nice to know I’ve been making a common mistake and its not only that I suck at draft. Switching to G/W based on your advice. Thanks..”JWakefield

“I forced UB for the last three drafts. I won the last three drafts. Nick is my new hero.”aznsparky

“This is good stuff! Two thumbs up.”securitron_ch

“This will be my Bible for the next couple of months, as i’m taking Heartbeat to any PTQs. Very thorough and well written article.”D0rk

“My God SWK, you should write more. This was fantastic. I’m seriously blown away here. Could every future archetype breakdown guide be this good? We can only hope. The new gold standard.”misterorange

“My God that was a good read.”PolarBearGod

“This is why I pay for articles.”phodos

“Great article. This article outright makes me want to play in more PTQs.”JoDiamonds

“Good reading article and a interesting deck too. It’s nice to see people innovating rather then recycling old archtypes.”Reverend_Love

“Absolutely fantastic article. Your writing style is a fun to read. I hope StarCity keeps you around a while.”Johnboy3197

“Great article! Been anticipating it for awhile. Keep up the good work Adrian.”Xenditil

“This was a fantastic article. The best no-frills tournament report I’ve read in weeks.”misterorange

“Absolutely fantastic article. Your writing style is a fun to read. I hope StarCity keeps you around a while.”Johnboy3197

“Awesome article.”dangan_liner

“Amazing work Chad, very well done. Premium not worth it? Ha! Only to those who haven’t experienced it.”misterorange

“As always, your article rocked. You’re a great writer and a very good theorist – I think right now, between you, Flores, Aten and Mark Young, anyone who thinks Premium isn’t worth it is totally off their rocker.”njx

“Keep up the excellent work! I’ve certainly enjoyed the articles I’ve read on SCG after y’all went Premium.”Dan Spero

“I would like to thank you and your company for providing such great material and great service to all of us fans. I can guarantee from this end, that you will have a loyal customer so long as you’re willing to accept business”B. Music

“Another great article.” Gekoratel

“Excellent article.” darkangel23

“A really insightful article, thanks.” trotch

“Very nice article. I’m impressed with both the writing and the plays. Very clear and articulate analysis and also applicable to my own game. Articles like these makes me very happy I paid for premium.” aznsparky

“Thanks SCG for the enjoyable and refreshing Premium content!” Soldancer

“I just finished reading this along with the coverage (I had to renew my 1 month subscription and I feel that they have proven their worth in premium service) and that has to be one of the best strategy articles I have EVER read!” Space_Stormy

“Great article. This is the sort of stuff that makes me believe my Premium Membership was money well-spent.”Kuma_ACT

“Great Stuff. Bona fide theory articles like this, with logical approach, advice, and examples are the best value for money the site can offer.” genomancer

“Premium is a raging success due to your diligence in getting this type of writer, this type of article and this type of website. Congratulations, best wished for continued success and keep pushing the envelope.” Lyleswann

“The new service is proving to be well worthwhile so far.” J. Chey

“I just wanted to write expressing how impressed I am with the Premium Membership to StarCityGames.com I purchased earlier this week. I am very happy with the deal I’m getting.” J. Simpson

“Your content is an extremely awesome value for 30$ a year.” H. Terbuyken

“I just signed up for a year of your sexy service and am most happy.”Jono

“The quality of articles this week has been un-freaking-believable.” Matt

“I really liked the article. Good work!” Mastergodfather

“This is very good work.” OtterDriver

“I signed up for 1 month to see how it goes. Keep getting stuff like this and I’ll sign up for a year.” Quasius

vWow that was an awesome article.” Leviathan101

“All I can say is that if the calibre of articles on SCG stays this high it’s been $30 very well spent.” HostageZero

“If today is any indication of what is in store for the future, I am quite pleased with my premium membership!” Lefeux

“Great article. Worth the $$$. Keep it up!” njx

“Wow. This article alone made the $30 well worth it.” Xyre

“I’m glad I decided to spend the money.” Jaksiel

“I would like to complement Star City on an excellent week of premium content” CFL

“Truly a well done piece of work.” Airclair

“I would just like to say that as for Day 2 of my yearly subscription. This is very nice and I am optimistic about future articles.” misterorange

“I just bought premium to keep reading articles like this!” rakux

“Anybody who doubts that your work should be on the Premium side of SCG should read this article. It’s a well-thought out piece about Mind’s Desire and provides excellent insight to the two major builds of it.” kyleb

“Articles like that justify the cost of Premium. This is the type of thing you need to make sure you’re publishing on a VERY regular basis.” Zadok001

“Good job lads, keep up the great work.” Conor Harding

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