Sealed Revealed 4: Ravnica/Guildpact Cardpool #1

In his first article since taking the role of Managing Editor, Craig reprises his popular “Sealed Revealed” series, taking a Ravnica/Guildpact Sealed Deck cardpool and evaluating the cards therein!

*tap tap tap*

“Is this thing on?”

*tap tap tap*

“Terry, let the high-end out. Terry? Terry! Let the hi-end out!”

*tap tap tap*

“One, one one. One, one, one, one one one, one.”

*tap tap tap*

“One. One. One one one, one.”

*tap tap tap*

“One one. One one.”

*tap tap tap*


*tap tap tap*

“Yeah, it’s working now. Just a bit of low phlegm shortcast in your spoffle. Nothing a tweaked ampistard couldn’t sort. You’re good to go.”

Hello everyone. Welcome to Sealed Revealed. And thanks to Ripper there, for setting up the PA.

So, my first real article since I became editor… *cracks knuckles*… Oh, the power. The Power!

I’m self-editing now, which probably sounds horrific to most of you. After reading one or two of my rambling dirges, you’ll all come to appreciate what a loss Ted truly is. For now, at least, you’ll have to be content with my inane babblings and ham-fisted prose.

What's Green and sings Blue Suede Shoes? Elvis Parsley

One good thing about my self-editing power: I can now say totally random, made-up words and phrases, and they’ll still make the article! Stuff like ““boobsheep,” “alabaster retard,” and “say hello to parsley.” Truly, we’re entering a Brave New Magical Age.


Ah, sod you.

I suppose I’d better crack on with the Sealed Pool. That’s what you’re here for, after all.

First, a quick recap of the Sealed Revealed Mission Statement:

“In Sealed Revealed, I aim to take a Sealed pool, and… reveal it. I’ll outline the cardpool, talk randomly about the cards, crack incredibly awful jokes, and give you my take on the build. Then, as I’m terrible at Limited Magic, I’ll have my innards skewered in the forums by those who know more about the format than me.”

The Pro Tour Qualifier season for Prague is now underway, and I’d like to win a blue envelope. It worked for Pro Tour London last year, so I have high hopes this time. My first PTQ will be next weekend, so let’s get a couple of pools under our belts before then. Not that there’s much room under my belt… I’m not exactly Lindsay Lohan (though if I was, bath-time would be sweet.)

*clap clap*
Boy! Bring on the cards!

Wow, I do like the funky new box-thing for card lists. It makes me fuzzy in a special place.

Okay, go and build your deck. It is the custom to leave a sweeping vista a white space… who am I to buck tradition?




Spatulas down! Stop cooking!

What did you make of the cards? Some excellent stuff there, across all the colors. Guildpact, as we all know, is intensely difficult to build… so where do we go from here?

As usual, I’ll start with the White cards.


The lovely, lovely White spells. The cheese in God’s sandwich, the saintly secretion of Jesus himself. I loves me some White, so I does. Whadda we got?

The Ravnica White.
I’ll not be doing a card-for-card of the Ravnica offerings. Let’s face it, there’s only so many llama jokes I can pull out of my cleft when talking about Dromad Purebred. Instead, I’ll dedicate a paragraph to the color/guild, and wax botanical about the various strengths and weaknesses. Of course, as the Guildpact cards are still fair game for a card-by-card overview, so it won’t all be faff and padding.

Sadly, straight Ravnica White offers little in must-have bombgazmia. No Conclave Equenaut, no Faith’s Fetters, no Devouring Light… it’s rather sad. We’ve the playable Nightguard Patrol, and a welcome Screeching Griffin, but after that, things get Slim quicker than Pickens. Flickerform? What’s he all about, then? Decent with the 187 Auras, so maybe he’ll twitch my twizzler once the rest of the pool pans out. I warn you, though: I ain’t no Ferrett. Caregiver is a man that is now getting a little respect, inasmuch as that’s possible for a one-drop spod. He provides a sacrifice outlet, all too important in this Fettered, Pilloried world in which we play. Sure, he doesn’t set the couch on fire, but he makes the carpet smoulder a little. Other than that, we’ve Votary of the Conclave and Dromad Purebred, both unadulterated cardboard filth.

The Guildpact White.
Four cards, encompassing three different effects. Two creatures, and one spell. Zero excitement.

  • Four mana gives us double-trouble in the form of Droning Bureaucrats. It’s a nice card, but it has far too many vowels in the name for my liking. It holds off the ground, taps down to neuter token armies, and can remove the odd problem child from the combat equation. If you’re swinging with three-drops into three-drops, remember to declare attackers before activating his “can’t attack or block” ability. I love the art, too. The guy in the middle is reading from my Christmas wish-list, and you must admire those funky hats.
  • The remaining Guildpact White cards each cost a single mana. Lionheart Maverick, 1/1 vigilance with a costly ability, is far too weak to have an impact on the game state. The format is rife with 2/2 bears, so a late-game 2/3 may have its uses… of course, late-game is about evasion and Big Fat Monsters, so I doubt he’ll see the field of battle. Sorry, LM. Take your horse, and your lance, and bugger off.
  • Benediction of Moons? In a duel, it’ll gain you two life, maybe four. Frankly, I’d rather flash my bare rump to the room — giving those present my own personal Benediction of the Moon — than play this bilge.

That’s the White… but we all know that the golden Guild cards are where it’s at.

Selesnya G/W

Okay… bombs, much? We have Pollenbright Wings. We have the super-pimp Selesnya Guildmage. If we play Green, we play White. All we’re missing is a Glare of Subdual and a Loxodon Hierarch. We’ve also a very playable Seeds of Strength, and the surprisingly useful Centaur Safeguard (who can, of course, slot into any Green or White builds). Cap it off with the heavy-Green committed Congregation at Dawn, and we know if our Green is good, then White will be on the bill. If only for the Guildmage.

Boros R/W

Two cards for our delectation here. The first is the irrepressible three-drop Skyknight Legionnaire. He’s heavy-handed on the mana, but he gets the job done. Next, and last, is the omni-pumping Rally the Righteous, ready to pimp your rides for the last points of damage, and also provide stealth blockers should the board position dictate. Both cards are sweetmeats, but they’re in a vacuum. Our Red needs to be spectacular to drag us down the Boros Back-Alley.

Orzhov B/W
New cards! New cards! New cards!

  • We must start things off with the bomb-common removal juicebox. Pillory of the Sleepless is a fine card, whether it’s neutering an attacker, clearing a path, or simply applying the Bleeder point-a-turn lifeswing pressure. Thing is… I really miss the “stop activated abilities” clause of Faith’s Fetters. Yes, I’ll play it. But I’ll often grumble a little. As for the art… how the hell did they manage to get that photo of me? I thought I’d destroyed it long ago.
  • Mourning Thrull is a nice little guy, swinging through the air and gaining us the precious precious life. Coupled with pump, or a (gasp) Moldervine Cloak, this sad sack o’ bones becomes an Exalted Angel, swinging as early as turn 3. He’s also a Thrull, which has sent some folk into fits of delight. Why in Garfield’s name is this? What’s so damn cool about Thrulls? Did I miss a memo? Answers in the forums, folks!
  • Last up from the Orzhov Overlords, we have the badass pope himself: the Orzhov Pontiff. Three mana for a 1/1 guy is a little anaemic, but then he can destroy an opposing Token Army. With a sacrifice effect of your own, he can pull off a pseudo Infest. Do I like him for Limited? Not really. Surely he’s a Constructed card, or a sideboard option against Selesnyans? I suppose he can mess with combat math after the attack… even so, I’m not sold. What do you guys reckon?
  • We also have a B/W Karoo, a flouncy bouncy Orzhov Basilica. In B/W? You play it. In B or W? You play it. In fact, if you believe all the hype about these lands, you play it even when you’re not playing Magic. It really is that strong. The ideal number of Karoos needed for a kick-ass Sealed Deck? Forty.

Overall, the White cards seem to be little more than support to a (hopefully) heavy Green strategy. Selesnya Guildmage can be fun with minimal Green, of course, but he’s much more effective when Green is paramount. Creating multiple Saprolings a turn is generally better than multiple pump-action, but either way, we’re laughing like a loon. Let’s hope the Green Machine is switched on today.

Next up, the Red cards. Yes, I know that Blue traditionally follows the Pale Army, but there’s only so much Evil I can stomach. Besides, the guild concerns send my eyes all squiffy. We’ve mentioned the Boros Battalions, so we may as well touch on the Burning Men.


The Ravnica Red
I like that phrase… “the Ravnica Red.” It sound’s like a hockey team. “Taking to the ice tonight are the Ravnican Reds, led by All-Star skater Boris Swiftblade. They’re up against the Izzet Inyets, led by the irrepressible Neville Mizzet.”


Actually, the Ravnican portion of Red ain’t too shabby today. We’ve the excellent Galvanic Arc, and the strong Indentured Oaf. They’re backed by the playable Sell-Sword Brute. Unfortunately, it tails off pretty quickly after that. Without a Viashino Fangtail, and a Fiery Conclusion, we can’t exactly force the Red issue here. Instill Furor is a fine sideboard option against Defender.dec, I suppose… but Coalhauler Swine is indeed a pig, and Barbarian Riftcutter is indeed a… erm… rift. Or something. I do like Incite Hysteria, mind, especially in a fast Draft deck. Sadly, we don’t have enough super-speed Boros cards (or White cards like Veteran Armorer, for that matter) to make it worthwhile. Again, a nice sideboard option against Dimir (or Selesnya and their bloody tokens).

The Guildpact Red

Nah, that doesn’t sound as good. The Guildpact Green, however… that’s a winner.

  • There are three “mono” Red cards in this pool, and each is more than acceptable. For starters, there’s the two-mana tin Street Hooligan, a cheeky Sex Goblin in the style of Uktabi Orangutan and Viridian Shaman. I like him, but then again, I’m a Paskinite. Goblins are brilliant. Of course, this guy goes best in R/G, but a 2/1 beater for two probably makes the grade regardless.
  • When I read the flavor text on Ogre Savant, I want to punch a kitten. “He’s an oxymoron.” Jesus, that’s scraping the barrel. In fact, I’d wager the base of the barrel has been scraped clean away, and now Wizards are scraping away at the soft, fertile soil beneath. As for the card itself? Well, it’s pricey, but it’s more than fair. It buys tempo, and it can recurse some of the more broken Izzet cards like Steamcore Weird and Izzet Chronarch. But still… oxymoron? I despair at times, I really do.
  • Pyromatics wants to be called Pyromantics. I’m sure of it. It’s a Crypt KEEPER, if you pardon my Rizzo. As a replicating burn spell, it can be used as a pricey Fireball to finish a game late in the day, or it can spread the love around low-toughness enemies. It can enable bloodthirst, aid an Orzhov Euthanist, and fiddle with combat math like the Devil Went Down To Georgia. Of course, you need heavy Red for this sparkler to truly shine… and I’m not sure the cards thus far warrant a base-Red build. Something to bear in mind when power-gauging, I’m sure.

Basic Red offerings have some strength, but little depth. A few decent cards, and one great removal Aura. Remember that Flickerform from before? Well, he’s found a soulmate. The Boros spells weren’t too promising, but how does Izzet and Gruul add to the mix?

Izzet R/U

People say that they’re tired of Izzet jokes. That’s not strictly true. Sure, I’m tired of the one Izzet joke, but jokes plural? Is there more than one Izzet joke? The “I think it’s blah blah blah… or Izzet?” is the only one… or Izzet?

Heh! See what I did there?

Seriously, if anyone has any original Izzet jokes, feel free to share them in the forums. I’m all ears. Or am I?

Nah, that doesn’t work.

  • We have two Izzet cards, and I’m not taken with either. First up, there’s the terrified Petrahydrox. He’s a 3/3 man for three-and-a-Blue/Red, but he can’t say boo to a goose. He sees a peanut, and he runs in terror. He witnesses some seeds, and it’s bye bye to Billy. Almost everyone has some form of targeted ability these days, from the Guildmages to Screeching Griffins to Ghost Wardens to Burning-Tree Bloodscale to Viashino Fangtails. I don’t think he’s worth it. Petrahydrox? Petrified-Ox, more like. Wahay!
  • Schizmotivate, the battle-cry of a new-age Dalek. Okay, so it meddles with combat math and can give a healthy boost to an evading attacker, but I’m still not sold. I’m sure there’ll be bitter, twisted folk in the forums telling me what a fool I am for shunning this card. Come and join them bait the Scouser.
  • Lastly, there’s a tenner, a twenty-dollar bill, an undisclosed amount of Euros… a shock land, a la Steam Vents. Toot toot!

Gruul R/G

There is no Dana, only Gruuuuuuuuul.

What have we got?

Well, we start small, and end… slightly larger. No Streetbreaker Wurms for us. As for Bobby Gormless, the poster-boy for idiotic violence, he’s nowhere to be seen.

  • Two mana brings us the terrible Watchwolf, Scab-Clan Mauler. Now, if you belonged to an organization called the “Scab-Clan,” you’d question your choice of lifestyle. The guys in this group can’t be proud when talking to their families at impromptu soirees.

    “So, young Geoffrey, where are you working these days?”
    ”Well, Auntie Doris, I’m a Mauler for the Scab-Clan. It’s indoor work with no heavy lifting, and I get flexi-time too.”

    He’s a 1/1, situational 3/3, trampling beatstick for two mana. I’ll play him, but I won’t like it. I want my cards to be a little more proactive, thank you. The Ghor-Clan Savage is much nicer, as a 5/6 for five mana is a fine investment, but at 3/3 this little guy still sits within the range of most popular removal known to man or beast. Last Gasp, Galvanic Arc, Ribbons of Night, Fiery Conclusion… it’s all bad news.

  • Lastly from the Gruul School, we have the four-mana Burning-Tree Bloodscale. He can Provoke, and evade, but is rather mana-intensive. Again, at a (prospective) 3/3, he’s well within the Killing Zone for removal-packin’ punks. If you sink your turn into mass provoke action, only to see him killed or bounced, you’re on the fat end of a one-sided Wrath of God at worst, or a bloody Time Walk at best. No tea for Timmy, thanks all the same.
  • Oh yeah: we’ve a Gruul Signet too.

While the base Red offerings have some merit, the guilds add little to the overall quality here. I don’t think I’ll be heavily committed to the Red menace today, although a splash for Galvanic Arc isn’t out of the question.

Pity. I had high hopes for the Red Green Beatdown Machine. Maybe next time.

Moving on…


It’s Vampire Week over at MagicTheGathering.com. Me, I’ve never seen the attraction to the so-called Lonely Ones. It’s all eye-shadow and “d’ya want a biscuit, emo-kid?” posturing. To cap it all, Anne Rice is insane. Allegedly. Heh.

That's the thing with punch... it goes right through you

I mean, Skeletal Vampire? Skeletal Vampire? He drinks blood, does he? What the hell for? When he drinks your blood, do you see it running out through his open ribcage? I have many complaints about Vampires, but that’s another story, and shall be told another time.

So, yeah. Black cards. Shazam!

The Ravnica Black.
In Black, you want removal, and lots of it. The Ravnica Black Brigade brings us the passable Brainspoil, and the almost-rubbish Clinging Darkness. No Ribbons of Night, no Last Gasp… it doesn’t look good. We have two Auras, one of which has a decent playable record (Strands of Undeath), and one of which I’m always unsure about (Necromantic Thirst). The Thirst is a card I’ve always pondered playing, but never actually ran with. Thoughts, guys? Especially now the Guildpact Magemarks share the Aura love… Finally, we have the mammoth Black army of creatures: one single Thoughtpicker Witch. I’ve played the Witch, and I like her now-important sacrifice effect, but she’s hardly gonna smash down the faces of the world.

The Guildpact Black
Hey, that works! “The Guildpact Black!” Nearly as good as “the Ravnica Red.”

We really want a Douse in Gloom… but we don’t have one. Bad cards! You made Craig cry! So, what have we got? Two guys and three spells.

  • The Orzhov Euthanist is a bloke with a removal agenda. He’s surprisingly strong, and sadly weak at the same time. He kills a guy who’s been damaged, at sorcery speed. That means you’ll need to injure the target in your combat phase (usually at the loss of a guy of your own), or ping him with a Fangtail or similar. If your opponent has the guy advantage, he’s likely to be swinging into you, and therefore it’s harder to damage their attackers on your turn. However, so many people block your 1/1 spod with their Siege Wurm, thinking they’re playing around Gather Courage or Wildsize, so the Euthanist does do well. Also, with a sacrifice effect, his haunt ability becomes much stronger. As for the art… at first, I was surprised by his stern yet satisfied expression, especially with the eyes-half-closed look that is synonymous with ecstasy. Then, I noticed that someone off-screen seems to be fondling the Euthanist’s “private equipment.” No wonder he looks so preoccupied.
  • Exhumer Thrull is expensive for a Gravedigger, but the 3/3 body is nice in a field of 2/2 idiots. The haunt effect is also strong, even though it negates the possibility for chaining Exhumer Thrulls in the Gravedigger mould. Gotta love the artwork, too.
  • The Black spells here are pretty standard. There’s Cremate, which ain’t great, but it does cantrip, and it’ll be a blessing against the Dredge-mad Golgari. Nuke a Stinkweed Imp, or a Moldervine Cloak, and you’ll be laughing. The art’s great, too: two hooded figures stood next to a smouldering pile of human ash and bone. If the flavor text was “Beryl and Dave are thankful that they arrived late to the barbecue,” I’d be a very happy man.
  • Cry of Contrition is a stock one-mana discard spell. While not a fan of Discard in Limited, it is possible to abuse this with the Haunt mechanic, or (ridiculously) Izzet Guildmage. I’ll play it, but I’d rather have a Strands of Night, as the Strands has more of an immediate impact when cast.
  • Finally, there’s Necromancer’s Magemark. I’m no great fan of the Magemark Cycle, but I think the Blue and Black ones have a valid place. The Blue one is streaks ahead of the Black, but having a guy do double duty isn’t too shabby either.

We’ve handled the Orzhov above (the Pontiff is looking better now, with the dearth of removal in this pool). Let’s see what the Golgari and Dimir have on offer.

Golgari G/B
I hope the Green is good, I really do. Golgari Guildmage, and Selesnya Guildmage? Nutty!

(Yes, I know we all know that the Green in this pool is great. Allow me a little drama here, guys! It’s called “slow-rolling.” I’m enjoying myself, so back off!)

Golgari also brings us Gaze of the Gorgon. Apparently, this has devalued somewhat in the Guildpact metagame, but I still think Gordon’s Glare has a proud place in a Green and/or Black strategy.

Dimir U/B
Dimir brings us Perplex. It’s a counterspell, with Transmute, that is useless in the late-game. Next!

Overall, I’m not in love with the Black. There’s no removal. Then again, there’s little removal in Red, either. Brainspoil versus Galvanic Arc… decisions, decisions. Well, at least the Black has Pillory of the Sleepless too, if we do go into White.

Okay, so I suppose it’s time for the Blue bottom-feeders. I hate my life.


Blue still confuses me. Sure, if the pool is full of flyers, I’m quick to spot the power. You can’t go wrong with multiple Snapping Drakes. However, when it’s full of tricky sh** like Gigadrowse and Lore Broker and Vedalken Plotter, my brain starts to wibble, and I grab the Green guys with a hearty shout of “Rarg!”

What do we have in the Evil Bin today?

The Ravnica Blue
Well, it’s pretty strong. Drift of Phantasms, Vedalken Dismisser, and Tattered Drake are all decent fellas to have. Grayscaled Gharial is rubbish, of course, but we can’t complain. Drake Familiar isn’t too bad, especially in a pool with Stands of Undeath and Galvanic Arc. In fact, if we had a Flight of Fancy, Blue would be very tempting indeed. As for spells, we have the excellent Peel From Reality (which goes well with Vedalken Dismisser, Ogre Savant and (looking ahead) Steamcore Weird). No Izzet Chronarch though, which is a pity. We’ve also a handy Telling Time to go with the Peel, and a Muddle the Mixture to fetch either.

The Guildpact Blue

  • This continues in a similar vein to above, with the excellent Steamcore Weird. He’s a mini Flametongue Kavu, I suppose, but the lack of a 4/2 beatstick is more than missed. I must complain about Creature Type — Weird. Does that strike anyone else as just plain lazy? It means that the art can be literally anything. What next, Creature Type — Shape? Creature Type — Scribble? Creature Type — Thingummy? I mean, really!
  • The Blue Guys in this Guildpact offering dry up there and then, but we have three spells to examine. The first is the much-praised Repeal, a mana-intensive bounce spell and cantrip. Well, it’s definitely not Repulse, that’s for sure. It’s not too bad, but it’s conditional high cost make it slightly sub-par on the draw, and a decent opponent will cast threats that grow at a speed a clear one mana ahead of Repeal’s effectiveness. Still, it didn’t do Disembowel any harm… Repeal is decent regardless.
  • The other two cards, Runeboggle and Gigadrowse, are straight from the Pokemon School of Card-Naming. Runeboggle is a situational counterspell cantrip with little going for it (aside from the cool name. “Runeboggle your spell” is a fun thing to say), while Gigadrowse can be used as a Mana Short or a faux Falter, given enough Islands. The art on Gigadrowse is amusing too, depicting the aftermath of a guild leader’s Batchelor Party/Stag Night.

We’ve seen the lack of Dimir or Izzet goodness above… but the Blue on its own seems to have merit. Will I play it?

No I won’t.

I’m probably wrong in this regard, as I can see the obvious strengths… but with both the Golgari and Selesnya Guildmages aboard, with stalwart spells as Pollenbright Wings, we’ve gotta cut things somewhere. I find Ravnica-Guildpact Sealed Deck to be like this a lot: good stuff across the board. Before we shuffle up, we must bite the bullet and cut some gold. If we don’t, the Mana Pixies will kick our face off.

I’m sure some of you will cry about the loss of Blue from my radar in this pool. Well, that’s what the forums are for. Join me!

Now, at long last, we get to the good stuff. Come ramble through my Green garden.


We know we’re playing Green already. We’ve the uber-bomb uncommon Selesnya Guildmage, plus his Golgari cousin, and Pollenbright Game-Winning Wings. Still, we may as well check out what else we have…

The Ravnica Green.
Hooray! We have a Civic Wayfinder! If there’s one guy I’m happy to see in base-Green, it’s my mate Cyril. He’s too important. We’ve got the fat-daddy Wings-wearing Siege Wurm. However, if we wanna win with Wings in style, sticking it on the Scion of the Wild is a fine plan. We love Brian of the Wild. He’s our hero. As for the rest… Goliath Spider is just too silly, and Dowsing Shaman… well, he may have a home, and his ass ain’t a bad size for the cost. Can we utilize him with the Galvanic Arc, Pillory of the Sleepless, and Strands of Undeath? Maybe, I suppose. I’d want a few more targets to be happy, though. The spells we have aren’t overwhelming, aside from Overwhelm, which is. Dryad’s Caress, on the other hand, is rubbish. I know it won a game in the Top 8 of the Pro Tour, or something, but I ain’t Japanese.

Yeah, Green is lovely so far. Everything else is a bonus.

The Guildpact Green.
Gotta love that tag-line.

  • So what do we have? I’ll begin with a guy I mentioned above: the fantastic Ghor-Clan Savage. A conditional 5/6 for five mana will always get the nod, unless the condition read “when this guy comes into play, get your lad out and show it to your opponent. If he laughs, you lose the game.” He’s a Centaur Berserker, which sounds a rather angry combination to me. Just why is he so berserk? Has someone pissed in his nose-bag?
  • Next up, the three-drop mana elf, Silhana Starfletcher. He’s 1/3, taps for any color chosen on casting, and he blocks flyers. He also is the spitting image of my mate Simon. Well, except for the pointy ears. Simon’s ears are normal. Not that I obsess over Simon’s ears. In fact, Simon’s ears may well be pointy. I can’t say I’ve noticed Simon’s ears. That said, I’m sure I would have noticed Simons ears, had they been pointy. If they were pointy, I’m sure Simon’s ears would’ve been very noticeable indeed. Okay, next time I see Simon, I’ll examine his ears at length, and report back to you. I’ll not examine Simon’s ears physically, mind. No, I’ll just examine Simon’s ears by sight. That way, I’ll be able to tell if Simon’s ears are pointy or not. Unless he’s wearing a hat, in which case I’ll ask him to remove it. I’ll let you all know the outcome of my examination in my next article. Stay tuned, “Simon’s Ears” Fans!
  • The last guy in the pool is Battering Wurm. He doesn’t resemble any of my friends. What does he resemble? A pimply pile of poo. Not in a million years.
  • Last up, there’s Primeval Light., the stock “Destroy All Enchantments” card. If your opponent is playing lots of enchantments, then go for it. If not, then don’t go for it. Simple as.

We’ve gotta play Green. Add the good stuff above to the following list of guild goodies we’ve already mentioned…

Selesnya Guildmage
Golgari Guildmage
Pollenbright Wings
Congregation at Dawn
Centaur Safeguard
Gaze of the Gorgon
Seeds of Strength

Yeah, Green’s a no-brainer.

Anything Else?

We sure have! We’ve a Terrarion and a Bottled Cloister.

I like Terrarion, and I think its value has increased in Guildpact. Agreed? Agreed. As for Bottled Cloister… I’ve never played with it before. I’m willing to give it a go, of course, even if there are horror stories of Cloister destruction by Seed Spark and the like. Come on guys, convince me why it’s good in the forums.

I hope you had fun building your decks. I certainly did. I took the Green, and I added stuff. I presume you did the same.

Without further ado, here’s what I came up with. I’m almost certain it’s wrong.


I ignored the Blue. I also avoided the splashable Red. Yeah, bite me.

Are there options for four (or maybe five) color builds here? Maybe. Frankly, I was too scared to try them. I think we haven’t quite got the mana fixing to get there, sadly. I do miss Galvanic Arc, and Repeal, etc, but what can you do?

So, there we have it. Another Sealed Revealed article, the first of a series of six (I hope). Cards, decks, laughs, and Simon’s Ears.

I’ll be back next week with another. As for now, I’m in the forums.

Hopefully I’ll see you there.

Until next time…
Thanks for listening.

Craig Stevenson
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