#SCGINVI Reminders And Announcement

SCG President Pete Hoefling reviews a few special items about this weekend’s big #SCGINVI and its effect on the upcoming 2016 SCG Tour®!

Hi friends,

As a reminder, there are a number of changes going into effect at this weekend’s StarCityGames.com Las Vegas Invitational. Today, I’ll recap those changes and announce an additional change that we made based on your feedback.

· Invitational (Standard/Modern with a Standard T8)

The 2015 Las Vegas Invitational will be awarding all prizes and Open Points as previously advertised. It will also be the first Invitational to award points for both the preceding and the following season. Because we will be simultaneously implementing that change and increasing the number of points awarded at a number of our events, the 2015 Las Vegas Invitational will award its 2015 Open Points at their current values and its 2016 SCG Points at their updated values.

· Open (Standard)

Season One of the 2016 SCG Tour® kicks off with this Saturday’s Las Vegas Open! As previously announced, this will the first Open to offer a slightly redistributed T64 prize payout, SCG Points, and the all-new StarCityGames.com Open exclusive parody playmat—Kitchen Lynx!

· Classics (Modern and Legacy)

Season One of the 2016 SCG Tour® continues on Sunday with a Modern Classic at 9am and Legacy Classic at 9:30am! Please note the new start times.

As previously announced, this Sunday’s Classics will be the first to award SCG Points and all prizes in the form of Prize Wall tickets. Although our Prize Wall is already loaded with all sorts of awesome swag, we’ve added an additional Prize Wall item based on your feedback – SCG gift cards that can be used either on-site at the SCG sales booth or online at StarCityGames.com.

· Side Events

Starting this weekend, each Open Weekend will offer a far more robust schedule of side events, giving players a chance to earn even more Prize Wall tickets. Check out this weekend’s full side event schedule and prize payouts here.

Can’t join us in Las Vegas? No problem! Starting on Friday, join Cedric Phillips, Patrick Sullivan, Matthias Hunt, and the rest of the SCGLive crew as they bring you all the exciting Invitational action as it unfolds – and the final seats at next weekend’s 2015 StarCityGames.com Players’ Championship are claimed!

Best wishes,

Pete Hoefling

President, StarCityGames.com