SCG Daily – The Magic Show #7 – Building Dragonstorm #2

Evan continues his popular series of video articles. Today he outlines the tweaks and improvememtns made to his Standard Dragonstorm Combo deck…

Hello again everybody. This video takes our humble beginnings and fleshes out Dragonstorm as a truly powerful deck. Enjoy!

[I would really suggest you watch the video before reading further.]

To wit, there are of course more answers to Dragonstorm than Trickbind, Voidslime, etc. For example, Shadow of Doubt could see a LOT of play depending on the success of this deck.

Here’s the final list from the webisode:

This features the awesome plays of Sleight of Hand (turn 1), Truth or Tale (turn 2), Compulsive Research (turn 3), and Careful Consideration (turn 4). If you can’t go off on Turn 5 after that, then you need to play something other than combo.

Thanks for watching.

Evan “misterorange” Erwin
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Filmed in the Super Secret Tech Labs.