SCG Daily – A Deck a Day: Stand for Victory

Hello and welcome back to another set of daily decks brought to you by the Deckmaster General. Reading too many Magic articles may be hazardous to your health.

Hello and welcome back to another set of daily decks brought to you by the Deckmaster General. Reading too many Magic articles may be hazardous to your health.

My last recent series highlighted decks built around random creature types, and the series before that highlighted decks built around a random card. Earlier, I’ve used random “low value rares.” Continuing the random challenge theme, I wonder what I can use this time?

At first I begin by brainstorming new ideas. Ultimately, however, I think of an interesting idea. Let’s repeat a theme.

The random card theme gave me my famous Amulet of Quoz deck and my even more famous Keldon Battlewagon deck. In the pantheon of random decks, these are both pretty good; they really clicked for me. So, in honor of these decks, I am going to reuse the random card theme. Here is how it works.

I use my trusty clear purple and orange dice to generate a random number between 01-100. I use this number to generate a random set in chronological order from Alpha/Beta/Unlimited through Coldsnap. Then I’ll randomly select which set of one hundred cards I’ll roll (In a set with 350 cards, for example, I’ll roll and randomly select the first hundred, second hundred, third hundred, and fourth hundred). Then I’ll throw my trusty purple and orange dice again and generate a random number that corresponds to a card. Once I have my card, I have to build a deck around it.

Make sense? I guess we’ll see.

I roll my dice and I get a 30. That’s the 15th set. What set is that? Exodus.

Now I need to select which hundred. The second hundred is rolled. Now, which card number? I roll a 76, so that would be card number 176, but there are only 145 cards in Exodus, so I roll again. This time its 127, and that should be a card, so let me look it up real quick and I get…

Standing Troops. What a winkie card. Ick.

A cook is only as good as his ingredients. What can you do with Standing Troops? Let’s try just being silly…

As you can see, this deck is built around your Standing Troops. Kiyomaro knows what its like to stand around the barracks all day long, since he (it?) has been standing since standing was invented. Being the first to stand cannot be easy for any person, especially if you are a spirit.

Can a spirit technically stand? If a spirit cannot become corporeal, then it’s easy to see that it can’t be said to stand. However, if a spirit can gain some substantive aspect, can it then be said to stand? What is your opinion on ghosts standing? In the Kamigawa world that Kiyomaro inhabits, surely spirits can become solid enough for standing, right?

Joining the Eldritch Standing One and his Troops is an entire army. The Standing Army has a solid size, and can get vigilance whenever you desire, assuming that you are not a ghost and can stand as well. You must join your soldiers in a sign of solidarity in order to yield benefits.

Every army needs a Standard Bearer, and here we have STANDard Bearers for ourselves. You can also use the Standard Bearers to protect the rest of your forces, since, as we all know, the opposing forces will target the Standard Bearer first.

Stalking Stones are kindred, um, spirits in rock that can supplement the troops, armies, flag flyers, and spirits you summon to do your will. These rocks have a nice size to them, so use them well to smash through opposing defenses. The Stalking Stones are kin to Sly Stone. (Sly and the Family Stone would be so proud.)

Once your troops have been marshaled, you have several options available to rally them. Leonin Sun Standard can be flown by your troops and encourage them to get bigger and beefier as you funnel mana into them. Troops should reflect their general, after all.

Like all armies, yours will be called upon to occasionally Stand Firm. Don’t worry though, because you have their back with this instant that cannot only save a soldier but also allows you to investigate other options in your library. Play it often and early in order to give yourself choices.

You can trust that your Warrior’s Stand will be mighty and true. When the warriors in your army stand up and are counted, even the lowly are capable of mighty deeds and the bards shall sing of your troops’ praises. Your men shall feast heartily in the glow of the day’s triumphs, all because you were able to rally the troops with a Warrior’s Stand.

As a tricky general, you can also use a Defiant Stand to turn a retreating unit into one that can not only intercept the attackers but will do so with renewed vigor. Maybe they are inspired by Kiyomaro’s presence. Having the First to Stand in your ranks can only help to inspire.

As a result, you can make sure that your troops will Stand and Deliver. Helping them survive attackers that would otherwise prove deadly will inspire them to new heights. It can be difficult for the opponent to marshal enough of an attack to pierce the armor of your Standing Troops and Armies, but when they do, you will be there to demoralize the opposing forces by saving your men.

All troops should have as wise a commander as you.

Until later,

Abe Sargent