Saturday Night Cube Drafting at Worlds

Tom LaPille and Evan Erwin invite you for Saturday Night Cube Drafting at the Magic: The Gathering World Championships in New York this coming weekend. Details inside!

Saturday Night Cube Drafting at Worlds

Evan Erwin and I will be hosting open cube drafts beginning at six o’clock PM on Saturday evening at the Magic: The Gathering World Championships this weekend. We love cube drafting, and we also know that making a cube isn’t the easiest thing in the world so not everyone has had the opportunity to try it. I’ve played everywhere from kitchen tables to Pro Tours, and nothing else I have ever done in Magic has been nearly as much fun as the cube. If you’ve never cubed before, you owe it to yourself to cone find us and get in a draft.

Evan’s cube can support eight players at a time, and mine can support sixteen. Of course, the two of us can only support twenty-four total players and that’s not all that many. This is where all you other cube owners out there come in! We want to share the joy of cubing with as many people as possible, so we need your help. If you have a cube and you’ll be at worlds, we invite you to find us and host drafts with your own cube. We know of at least one cube other than ours that will be present, and we are hoping for even more.

Wizards is setting aside table space for this event, but we don’t know where that will be at this moment. There will be a public announcement at Worlds around six o’clock about where we are located, so listen for that and come find us. Feel free to contact Evan or me on the forums with any questions; my username is TomLaPille and Evan’s is misterorange. Listen for the announcement onsite, and together we’ll all show the world how awesome cube drafting is.

Happy fishing,
Tom LaPille