Reader Feedback, Part I: We Want To Know!

You know what the best part about having forums is? The fact that I can ask you all for feedback, and get it pretty damn instantly. So I have four questions to ask of you all now – and to make things interesting, I’ll be holding the first-ever StarCityGames.com Forum Contest!

You know what the best part about having forums is?

The fact that I can ask you all for feedback, and get it pretty damn instantly.

So run, don’t walk, to the link up above, and answer these questions for me on what you would like to see for StarCityGames.com….

Onslaught Block

I’m getting articles on potential Onslaught decks. Now, I’ve been rejecting them out of hand because, frankly, creating Onslaught Block Decks are useless before Legions comes along. However, some people have pointed out that Onslaught Block will be a playable format in Magic Online (once it arrives, sometime in late summer of 2010) and that there might be some interest.

Now, consider that each article takes twenty minutes of my time – twenty minutes that I, as editor and webmaster, could be using to make a myriad of other improvements to the site. With that in mind, would you want to see any Onslaught Block articles with only Onslaught in them?

Our Forums

It has been suggested that we come up with some”general” threads. There are currently fifteen forums sections, but none of them are general discussion. What specific forum areas would you like to see?

Deck Feedback

Right now, there are some good threads in the forums regarding potential decks for States… But not as many as I’d like. What would you suggest we do in order to get some discussion going on the matchups for certain decks?

(As in, not just”Here’s a deck and I want you to fix it,” but”Here’s U/W Mobilization. How is your testing coming on that, and what weaknesses have you found in the deck build?”)

What Articles Would You Like To See?

We’ve had a lot of requests for various articles… Articles on cheating and how to avoid cheaters, some trading articles, yadda yadda yadda. I can actually farm assignments out to writers if I so desire, but I have to know what you want! What is StarCityGames not giving to you? What articles do you see a gaping lack of? Tell me!

And lastly…


Some people have been saying that they want customized Gremlins; I had no idea what Gremlins were until someone told me. They’re the little happy faces and whatnot you can stick inside your StarCityGames.com posts. Well, someone mentioned they wanted Oscar Tan and Ferrett gremlins…

Why stop there?

There’s a lot of cool things to be done in Magic. Here’s the deal: I want people to submit the best gremlins to me! Send them to me at Mail us at https://sales.starcitygames.com/contactus/contactform.php?emailid=2, and the person who sends in the hands-down best gremlin, as chosen by the forums, will get not only $15 in StarCityGames.com credit… But the eternal gratitude of yours truly, the custom title of”Gremlin Master” in the forums, and bragging rights for all eternity.

Not bad for a couple of minutes work, ay? So send ’em in!

Signing off,

The Ferrett

The Here Edits This Here Site Here Guy