Ravnica Allegiance Previews With A Special Guest!

Gerry’s out sick this week, so Bryan takes over the hosting duties with a mystery guest! They talk about their GP Vancouver experience before getting right down to evaluating the newest Ravnica Allegiance cards!


Intro music

Mario Kart 64 “Dreaming Racing” (OC Remix #396)

ReMixer: prozax | Composer: Kenta Nagata

Outro music

Super Paper Mario “Memory: Night” (OC Remix #3710)

ReMixer: AJ DiSpirito | Composer: Chika Sekigawa, Naoko Mitome


GP Vancouver – 2:58

Kaya, Orzhov Usurper – 10:04

Dovin, Grand Arbiter – 20:46

Deputy of Detention – 30:01

Judith, the Scourge Diva – 36:22

Hydriod Krasis – 42:56

Biomancer’s Familiar – 48:45

Mass Manipulation – 53:59

Sphinx of Foresight – 57:20

Question of the Week – 1:06:51