Presenting A Perplexing Puzzle: “All About Adjectives”

JDB is switching it up! Today he presents a fiendish puzzle based on Magic card names. Fire up that SCG card search, because you’re going to need it!

I’m doing something a little different today.

I’m a big fan of puzzles. Always have been, always will be. For today, I’ve made my own. There’s a prize for the first person to solve it, though you won’t win it.

The mechanic is pretty simple. Each line of seemingly random nouns in alphabetical order is made up of partial Magic card names, and exactly one adjective (as of Amonkhet) completes them all.

For example, if I were to give a list of “Demon, Gorgon, Necromancer, Slyblade,” what’s the word that completes them all?

There are lots of Demons, Gorgons, and Necromancers in Magic, but only one Slyblade.

Got your answer ready?

The missing word is “Xathrid.”

In the puzzle that follows, I’ve stuck to real-world English words for the answers, so don’t stress yourself trying to remember whether it’s Keldon or Kalonian.

The puzzle is broken up into two parts, the first with 22 brainteasers like the one above, the second with thirteen.

Part 1

1: Arynx, Automaton, Crocodile, Evil, Informant, Jackals, Nightstalker, Predators, Skirge

2: Mining, Urge

3: Augmentation, Inversion

4: Island, Storm

5: Angel, Guardian, Wake

6: Cadet, Construct

7: Arrogance, Poet, Slip

8: Angel, Hero, Pariah, Soul, Thoughts

9: Giant, Revolutionary

10: Assassin, Decree, Falcon, Herbalist, Trooper

11: Rays, Will

12: Alchemy, Crypt, Lore, Orchard, Ritual

13: Frost, Harvest

14: Dodge, Looter, Maneuver

15: Crawler, Nautilus, Sliver

16: Deceiver, Judgment, Justice, Mentor, Mercy, Scrutiny, Sustenance

17: Firebeast, Ghoul, Monstrosity, Powder, Rider

18: Assassin, Throng

19: Hope, Seacliff

20: Angel, Disciple, Giant, Servant, Soul

21: Bolt, Pummeler

22: Assault, Dead, Hunter, Rats, Skaabs

This section only!

Consider this the “easy part.” Some of these, you’ll just be able to look up on the handy-dandy SCG card search. Others will stretch your brain a little more, but you should be able to find a lot of them with a bit of thought, research, and memory of what’s Standard- and Modern-legal.

Part 2

1: Centaur, Spirit, Witch

2: Licid, Wurm

3: Anthem, Charge, End

4: Experiment, Skills

5: Dragon, Kirin, Leech, Mage, Potion, Wall

6: Gorgers, Harpy, Souleater

7: Fists, Myr

8: Entrance, Rescue, Reversal

9: Journey, Outburst

10: Missionaries, Tracker, Tribe

11: Deceiver, Giant, Oppressor

12: Battlement, Estate, Tomb

13: Fiend, Orb, Sliver, Trance

This section has some trickier answers mixed in. Treat it as completely separate from the other part; only a few of the lessons you’ve learned will carry over.

And when you know you’ve solved everything, send me a message if you’re feeling charitable. — JDB