MTGCast #197 – Marlon Wayans in a MTG movie? NOOOO!

StarCityGames.com Open Series: Indianapolis on March 13-14
Thursday, March 11th – On this week’s edition of MTGCast, the guys discuss the Next Level Magic paperback, EDH goodness, recent contest winners, upcoming foil giveaway cards, and more!

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MTGCast #197 – Marlon Wayans in a MTG movie? NOOOO!
“You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!”

This Week in Magic

Patrick Chapin is releasing Next Level Magic as a 420 page full color expanded paperback March 22nd on StarCityGames.com. Check out the Rise of the Eldrazi intro deck names / other tidbits plus pictures of the booster box / fat pack. March FNM foil promo is Ancient Ziggurat. We revisit the Deck Builder’s Toolkit, now with a packaging picture. Julian Booher wins the Minneapolis Midwest Masters tourney and check out the Top 8 deck lists (only 5 Jund!). WoTC and the DCI are planning to bring forward a 24/7 rules chat line (direct link to chat page) to get your rules question answered at any time (not working at the time of the podcast), but is definitely a bold move! Peter Jahn discusses what is Bribery Collusion and betting and how it affects Magic. Stephen Menendian talks about his trip to Wizards (premium article) and why they should remove the Reserved list right now! AJ Sacher (pronounced “Soccer”) is joining Star City Games in the free article area. MTG Movie? Yes says Hasbro CEO! Ideas to fix MTGO on Pure MTGO. Daily Mtg has a schedule of all events at Pax East.

What Have We Been Playing?
Steve busts some EDH out with crazy Djinn Illuminatus + Pact of the Titan + Altar of Dementia going into Warp World headaches and more!

Listener Emails
Article on the five story “waterfall” of primordial ooze. Zechariah R/W/B/u deck list. Arturo’s PT/GP Google Calendar and SCG Open Google Calendar.

MTGCast News

Read up on the very cool initiative headed by Dan Alpers of Central Corridor Gamers titled “Games for Troops” and kudos to ManaNation for being a part as well (PDF flyer).

Our NEW contest to give away another Worldwake booster box is to come up with which planeswalker (AND WHY!) should Marlon Wayans play in the upcoming MTG movie. Post your response in the comment section or this thread in the MTGCast forums.

Now, the contest winners! If you won, send Tom your name and mailing address to [email protected].

3x Worldwake booster winners on your favorite preview card!
Winner #1: wangweric excited for Bojuka Bog
Winner #2: hyperwater excited for Amulet of Vigor
Winner #3: Bog Frog excited for Calcite Snapper

Winner #4: Blunt World with Pilgrim’s Eye
Winner #5: cheverisi with Thallid
Winner #6: SengirLord with Anowon, the Ruin Sage
Winner #7: rootwallapunk with Time Stop

Winner #8: noodle with Cloudthresher
Winner #9: laflama with Gaea’s Cradle
Winner #10: Ophidian with Phage the Untouchable

Winner #11: Queklain with Progenitus
Winner #12: spic9h with Yet Another Aether Vortex

Winners of the Worldwake 4x common/uncommon playset courtsey of Jason Pizzino!

Winner #1: chfuji with The Indestructible Goblin of Impending Doom
Winner #2: Lorgalis with Egg-Thief Gang
Winner #3: comitz with Shiny Red Lever
Winner #4: Zaynew with Blood Soaked Shrine

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Tom’s movie pick of the week – Demolition Man (1993) with Wesley Snipes and Sylveter Stallone!

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