Magic Puzzles – Eight And A Half Enigmas

Jeff Till returns for a quick Magic quiz! Do you like puzzles? Do you like Magic? Exercise your neurons with this brain teaser. How do you win the game this turn?

Jeff Till used to write a column called Magic Puzzles on StarCityGames.com. His archives can be found here. Here’s a throwback to that series, with a brand new Cube Puzzle. Can you figure out the answer without any hints?

Your opponent Cubemaster Bill has been beating you down with Sword of War and Peace (i.e. Sword with protection from your deck) for most of the game. You were doing a fair job of keeping up with the damage, but a Plow Under really set you back.  You considered casting an upkeep Magma Jet to scry away the lands, but then you realized that the Mountain on top is exactly what you need to win the game this turn.

After drawing your Mountain, the board looks like this. It is currently the beginning of your first main phase.

Your opponent Bill is tapped out and controls:

Troll Ascetic
Lotus Cobra
Llanowar Elves with a Sword of War and Peace equipped
Loxodon Hierarch
Knight of Meadowgrain
A tapped Chameleon Colossus

You control:

Silver Knight
Eight-and-a-Half-Tails with a Bonesplitter equipped
Blood Knight
2 Plains
1 Mountain
1 Mishra’s Factory

In your hand, you have:

How do you win this turn?

Prize: The first person to post the correct answer in the forums will earn a ‘like’—I’m very stingy with the ‘like’ button, so this is quite the reward.


I decided to add a tiny hint if you’re having trouble. Good luck! —Lauren Lee