Inside The Magic Studio: Anthony Lowry

Up-and-coming grinder and deckbuilder Anthony Lowry is Robert Martin’s guest on this Inside The Magic Studio. Don’t miss his big announcement!

This is Inside Magic Studio with your host Robert Martin, the interview podcast with the best in Magic: The Gathering. My guest this episode is Anthony Lowry.

0:00 – 0:45 – Intro to show the show and guest.

0:45 – 1:02 – Tell everybody about your big announcement.

1:02 – 1:43 – How did this happen?

1:43 – 2:11 – You start on Friday. Can you give insight on what the article is going to be about?

2:11 – 2:46 – What do you think you will bring that others currently don’t?

2:46 – 3:26 – You talk about being inspirational. Who have you worked with in your life that has provided this positive motivation?

3:26 – 5:21 – We go into a few questions about how important his mom is to him and his future.

5:21 – 5:52 – You do a lot of TwitchTV—will you be doing videos for StarCityGames.com?

5:52 – 6:46 – It has been said that you are a serious Magic grinder. How hard is it for someone like you to do this?

6:46 – 7:41 – Considering you have been in competitive Magic for three years, could you have imagined that you would be writing for StarCityGames.com so soon?

7:41 – 8:24 – What do you think is the next step in your development in Magic?

8:24 – 9:25 – You also work locally with other players. Who have you worked with that has helped you in Magic?

9:25 – 10:41 – You talked about AJ Kerrigan, who has been playing high-level competitive Magic. Is it unusual to work with someone that is younger than you?

10:41 – 11:24 – You also talked about Morgan Chang. Does he have a fatherly like influence on your game because of the intellectual way he approaches the game?

11:24 – 12:46 – How has your aggressive style of deckbuilding helped you in Magic?

12:46 – 13:21 – Are you a straight 75 deckbuilder or one who tinkers with a list of 75?

13:21 – 14:03 – When a new set is released, how quickly do you look over the cards and brew new decks?

14:03 – 15:58 – Give me a card that’s in M14 that we haven’t seen in a competitive Magic tournament that will make an impact in Standard. What does it do that we’re missing out on?

15:58 – 16:33 – Winning a StarCityGames.com Invitational is special. When you win yours, what do you want as a token?

16:33 – 17:35 – What is it about Geist of Saint Traft that made it so impactful to you as a player?

17:35 – 18:17 – As a deckbuilder, you take a hard look at the design of each card. Wizards of the Coast provides opportunities for those who are very creative to work in game design. Would that be something that interests you down the line?

18:17 – 19:35 – When you make it to your first Pro Tour, what will that moment mean to you? And what will be your approach towards it?

19:36 – 19:56 – When they ask you to come to Roanoke, who is first person you want to meet and spend time with?

19:56 – To End – What is your mental approach towards Magic? How is that an advantage for you over your opponents?