How The Days Flu By

So what happened to StarCity?

So what happened to StarCity?

Answer: I got the second-worst flu I’ve ever had (and it’s not over yet). The kind with achy stomachs, fluids everywhere, and groaning aplenty. The most I’ve eaten since Friday (and kept down) was a handful of bread and a glass of milk… And I’m still not hungry.

Let’s put it this another way: When I have a twenty-foot commute to my morning workday and I still can’t get out of bed to make it, you know we’re in trouble.

So I apologize for the delay over the past two days. I’ll be catching up over the next couple of days to make up for it.

Two other items:

1) The Writer’s War is on this week, and I’m against my old hometown pal Sheldon Menery. Sheldon, ever the model of class, had this to say on the StarCity mailing list:

“Vote for Ferrett.

“He actually writes, something I might do a half dozen times a year on SC. The rest of what I do is answer questions, hardly deserving of being called a better writer. My ego won’t let me concede that he is a better writer, but you can’t compare what we do as far as Magic is concerned.

“If I had to choose whose Magic writings to read and be entertained, I’d certainly choose his.

” – Sheldon”

Which was abnormally kind of him to say, but let me also point out an important point: Writing is writing. I compensate for lack of substance with style – and admittedly, there’s not a lot of flair you can add when answering questions like,”So duz City a Bras do a point of damag to u if its tapped wen a Rishadin Port?” – but Sheldon’s fine”Ask The Judge” columns serve a critical purpose in this community. That’s excellent writing by itself.

Writing isn’t always entertainment. A lot of time, it’s information.

So I’m not willing to say,”Vote Sheldon,” since my ego gets in the way, too, but hey. Give the guy some credit. He’s stuck with one of the most boring jobs writing-wise in all the Magic community, and he works his ass off. Go, Sheldie.

Now go vote for me. Or not. Sheldie’s cool.

2) Speaking of people who whipped my ass in last year’s Writer War, I couldn’t have picked a worst time to get sick – since Sol Malka, the People’s Champion, pulled out a great win over a field of four hundred and ten people.

His reward? Not seeing it emblazoned on StarCity the day afterwards.

Congrats, chief. You had it comin’. Now, since you’re one of perhaps three people in the world who writers tourney reports I look forward to, go get that into me as soon as possible.

And lemme know which new chick you’ve been mackin’ on.

Signing off,

The Ferrett

Editor, StarCityGames.com

The Here Edits This Here Site Here Guy

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