Gerry’s Worlds Experience And Dispelling Week 1 Myths

Gerry Thompson and Bryan Gottlieb discuss Gerry’s protest at the Magic World Championship, the myths of Week 1 Standard, and more.

We try to not be a drama podcast, but Gerry’s experience at the World
Championship must be talked about. Bryan had some personal questions
regarding the weekend that he’d been pondering, and Gerry is happy to
answer them.

They also delve into the various myths surrounding the release of a new
set. Is it strategically correct to play aggro or at least be proactive?
How does having all-purpose answers like Assassin’s Trophy change the



  • Gerry Protesting Worlds – 2:11
  • New Standard – 27:00
  • What We Would Play Week 1 – 56:58
  • Question of the Week – 1:04:02

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