Drafting With Rich #18

Back on the mean streets of Ravnica, we continue Rich Hoaen’s excellent step-by-step drafting series. As usual, Rich shares each and every pick from an RGD draft, from one to forty-five, then gives us a brief overview of his deck and final performance. For a more detailed deconstruction, visit the forums! Rich will be back early next week with a detailed overview analysis article examining the results from the first fifteen drafts in the series… be sure to tune in!


Pack 1:

Barbarian Riftcutter, Terrarion, Votary of the Conclave, Muddle the Mixture, Sadistic Augermage, Dromad Purebred, Grayscaled Gharial, Necromantic Thirst, Conclave Equenaut, Compulsive Research, Brainspoil, Undercity Shade, Frenzied Goblin, Rolling Spoil, Temple Garden

Pick: Temple Garden

Pack 2:

Dimir Aqueduct, Goblin Spelunkers, Farseek, Sabertooth Alley Cat, Gather Courage, Boros Fury-Shield, Sundering Vitae, Leave No Trace, Zephyr Spirit, Viashino Fangtail, Seeds of Strength, Recollect, Wojek Apothecary, Golgari Germination

Pick: Viashino Fangtail

Pack 3:

Woodwraith Strangler, Induce Paranoia, Roofstalker Wight, Dimir House Guard, Boros Recruit, Smash, Golgari Brownscale, Veteran Armorer, Flight of Fancy, Last Gasp, Vigor Mortis, Spectral Searchlight, Leashling

Pick: Last Gasp

Pack 4:

Consult the Necrosages, Tattered Drake, Strands of Undeath, Incite Hysteria, Screeching Griffin, Sewerdreg, Smash, Rally the Righteous, Sell-Sword Brute, Psychic Drain, Flame-Kin Zealot, Molten Sentry

Pick: Strands of Undeath

Pack 5:

Drift of Phantasms, Gaze of the Gorgon, Coalhauler Swine, Ordruun Commando, Perplex, Dryad’s Caress, Caregiver, Shambling Shell, Transluminant, Watchwolf, Woodwraith Corrupter

Pick: Drift of Phantasms

Pack 6:

Torpid Moloch, Guardian of Vitu-Ghazi, Fists of Ironwood, War-Torch Goblin, Screeching Griffin, Conclave’s Blessing, Quickchange, Sewerdreg, Carven Caryatid, Festival of the Guildpact

Pick: Screeching Griffin

Pack 7:

Roofstalker Wight, Viashino Slasher, Clinging Darkness, Golgari Brownscale, Gate Hound, Lurking Informant, Boros Signet, Glass Golem, Congregation at Dawn

Pick: Boros Signet

Pack 8:

Wojek Siren, Convolute, Drake Familiar, Thoughtpicker Witch, Goblin Fire Fiend, Golgari Signet, Stoneshaker Shaman, Concerted Effort

Pick: Thoughtpicker Witch

Pack 9:

Barbarian Riftcutter, Votary of the Conclave, Sadistic Augermage, Dromad Purebred, Grayscaled Gharial, Necromantic Thirst, Undercity Shade

Pick: Sadistic Augermage

Pack 10:

Sabertooth Alley Cat, Sundering Vitae, Leave No Trace, Zephyr Spirit, Wojek Apothecary, Golgari Germination

Pick: Sabertooth Alley Cat

Pack 11:

Woodwraith Strangler, Induce Paranoia, Boros Recruit, Golgari Brownscale, Leashling

Pick: Boros Recruit

Pack 12:

Consult the Necrosages, Incite Hysteria, Smash, Rally the Righteous

Pick: Rally the Righteous

Pack 13:

Perplex, Dryad’s Caress, Caregiver

Pick: Caregiver

Pack 14:

Conclave’s Blessing, Quickchange

Pick: Conclave’s Blessing

Pack 15:

Gate Hound

Pick: Gate Hound

Pack 16:

Scab-Clan Mauler, Izzet Boilerworks, Ghost Warden, Orzhov Euthanist, Wildsize, Castigate, Petrahydrox, Guardian’s Magemark, Gigadrowse, Burning-Tree Bloodscale, Cremate, Gatherer of Graces, Scorched Rusalka, Orzhov Guildmage, Bioplasm

Pick: Orzhov Guildmage

Pack 17:

Repeal, Ghost Warden, Izzet Signet, Orzhov Euthanist, Pillory of the Sleepless, Mourning Thrull, Train of Thought, Restless Bones, Fencer’s Magemark, Wee Dragonauts, Skarrgan Pit-Skulk, Souls of the Faultless, Dryad Sophisticate, Ghor-Clan Bloodscale

Pick: Pillory of the Sleepless

Pack 18:

Tin Street Hooligan, Lionheart Maverick, Leap of Flame, Train of Thought, Beastmaster’s Magemark, Wild Cantor, Pyromatics, Infiltrator’s Magemark, Absolver Thrull, Scab-Clan Mauler, Gristleback, Conjurer’s Ban, Hatching Plans

Pick: Pyromatics

Pack 19:

Lionheart Maverick, Burning-Tree Bloodscale, Crystal Seer, Cry of Contrition, Beastmaster’s Magemark, Izzet Chronarch, Silhana Starfletcher, Pyromatics, Shrieking Grotesque, Nivix, Aerie of the Firemind, Martyred Rusalka, Parallectric Feedback

Pick: Shrieking Grotesque

Pack 20:

Skyrider Trainee, Gigadrowse, Wild Cantor, Cremate, Gruul Nodorog, Castigate, Necromancer’s Magemark, Gruul Signet, Vertigo Spawn, Plagued Rusalka, Mimeofacture

Pick: Plagued Rusalka

Pack 21:

Poisonbelly Ogre, Guardian’s Magemark, Runeboggle, Gruul Nodorog, Ostiary Thrull, Orzhov Signet, Scorched Rusalka, Skarrg, the Rage Pits, Wreak Havoc, Earth Surge

Pick: Ostiary Thrull

Pack 22:

Withstand, Orzhov Basilica, Fencer’s Magemark, Poisonbelly Ogre, Leap of Flame, Benediction of Moons, Silhana Ledgewalker, Gatherer of Graces, Cryptwailing

Pick: Orzhov Basilica

Pack 23:

Necromancer’s Magemark, Gruul Scrapper, Skarrgan Pit-Skulk, Benediction of Moons, Tin Street Hooligan, Crystal Seer, Silhana Ledgewalker, Smogsteed Rider

Pick: Tin Street Hooligan

Pack 24:

Scab-Clan Mauler, Petrahydrox, Gigadrowse, Burning-Tree Bloodscale, Cremate, Gatherer of Graces, Scorched Rusalka

Pick: Scorched Rusalka

Pack 25:

Train of Thought, Restless Bones, Fencer’s Magemark, Wee Dragonauts, Skarrgan Pit-Skulk, Ghor-Clan Bloodscale

Pick: Fencer’s Magemark

Pack 26:

Lionheart Maverick, Leap of Flame, Beastmaster’s Magemark, Wild Cantor, Conjurer’s Ban

Pick: Wild Cantor

Pack 27:

Lionheart Maverick, Beastmaster’s Magemark, Nivix, Aerie of the Firemind, Martyred Rusalka

Pick: Martyred Rusalka

Pack 28:

Skyrider Trainee, Gruul Nodorog, Necromancer’s Magemark

Pick: Necromancer’s Magemark

Pack 29:

Gruul Nodorog, Wreak Havoc

Pick: Wreak Havoc

Pack 30:


Pick: Cryptwailing

Pack 31:

Nettling Curse, Kill-Suit Cultist, Street Savvy, Azorius First-Wing, Writ of Passage, Aurora Eidolon, Rakdos Carnarium, Simic Ragworm, Entropic Eidolon, Cackling Flames, Rakdos Signet, Brain Pry, Fertile Imagination, Sky Hussar, Grand Arbiter Augustin IV

Pick: Cackling Flames

Pack 32:

Freewind Equenaut, Azorius Chancery, Psychotic Fury, Verdant Eidolon, Soulsworn Jury, Vision Skeins, Coiling Oracle, Whiptail Moloch, Thrive, Haazda Exonerator, Transguild Courier, Hit / Run, Simic Basilisk, Bound / Determined

Pick: Hit / Run

Pack 33:

Sporeback Troll, Haazda Exonerator, Delirium Skeins, Kill-Suit Cultist, Azorius First-Wing, Simic Initiate, Freewind Equenaut, Azorius Signet, Sandstorm Eidolon, Minister of Impediments, Gnat Alley Creeper, Skullmead Cauldron, Hide / Seek

Pick: Minister of Impediments

Pack 34:

Steeling Stance, Macabre Waltz, Silkwing Scout, Vision Skeins, Riot Spikes, Soulsworn Jury, Enemy of the Guildpact, Utvara Scalper, Thrive, Pure / Simple, Palliation Accord, Aethermage’s Touch

Pick: Macabre Waltz

Pack 35:

Enigma Eidolon, Shielding Plax, Whiptail Moloch, Writ of Passage, Plumes of Peace, Guardian of the Guildpact, Simic Signet, Slaughterhouse Bouncer, Hellhole Rats, Nightcreep, Simic Basilisk

Pick: Guardian of the Guildpact

Pack 36:

Guardian of the Guildpact, Macabre Waltz, Cytospawn Shambler, Overrule, Gobhobbler Rats, Delirium Skeins, Sporeback Troll, Valor Made Real, Jagged Poppet, Dovescape

Pick: Jagged Poppet

Pack 37:

Rakdos Signet, Ocular Halo, Shielding Plax, Vesper Ghoul, Enigma Eidolon, Gobhobbler Rats, Valor Made Real, Skyscribing, Infernal Tutor

Pick: Gobhobbler Rats

Pack 38:

Nettling Curse, Beacon Hawk, Overrule, Utvara Scalper, Ocular Halo, Azorius Ploy, Flame-Kin War Scout, Rain of Gore

Pick: Beacon Hawk

Pack 39:

Nettling Curse, Kill-Suit Cultist, Street Savvy, Writ of Passage, Aurora Eidolon, Simic Ragworm, Brain Pry

Pick: Aurora Eidolon

Pack 40:

Vision Skeins, Coiling Oracle, Whiptail Moloch, Thrive, Haazda Exonerator, Simic Basilisk

Pick: Coiling Oracle

Pack 41:

Haazda Exonerator, Delirium Skeins, Kill-Suit Cultist, Sandstorm Eidolon, Skullmead Cauldron

Pick: Delirium Skeins

Pack 42:

Steeling Stance, Vision Skeins, Utvara Scalper, Palliation Accord

Pick: Utvara Scalper

Pack 43:

Whiptail Moloch, Writ of Passage, Nightcreep

Pick: Nightcreep

Pack 44:

Overrule, Valor Made Real

Pick: Overrule

Pack 45:

Valor Made Real

Pick: Valor Made Real

Final Decklist:


1 Screeching Griffin
1 Shrieking Grotesque
1 Aurora Eidolon
1 Guardian of the Guildpact
1 Last Gasp
1 Necromancer’s Magemark
1 Ostiary Thrull
1 Plagued Rusalka
1 Sadistic Augermage
1 Strands of Undeath
1 Macabre Waltz
1 Fencer’s Magemark
1 Pyromatics
1 Scorched Rusalka
1 Tin Street Hooligan
1 Viashino Fangtail
1 Cackling Flames
1 Boros Signet
1 Orzhov Guildmage [FOIL]
1 Pillory of the Sleepless
1 Gobhobbler Rats
1 Hit/Run
1 Jagged Poppet
1 Minister of Impediments
6 Mountain
1 Orzhov Basilica
3 Plains
6 Swamp


1 Beacon Hawk
1 Boros Recruit
1 Caregiver
1 Coiling Oracle
1 Conclave’s Blessing
1 Cryptwailing
1 Delirium Skeins
1 Drift of Phantasms
1 Gate Hound
1 Martyred Rusalka
1 Nightcreep
1 Overrule
1 Plains
1 Rally the Righteous
1 Sabertooth Alley Cat
1 Swamp
1 Temple Garden
1 Thoughtpicker Witch
1 Utvara Scalper
1 Valor Made Real
1 Wild Cantor
1 Wreak Havoc

Standard Black Red White good cards and terrible mana. A couple of games were won with Fencer’s Magemark on Jagged Poppet. I went 2-0 and split the finals.

Until tomorrow,


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