Destroying Evil The Caleria Way

Enough about the manly heroes of the Multiverse! It’s time for the relentless ladies of Magic to join forces in the latest of Abe Sargent’s Random Commander challenges!

When you want to build a Commander deck that’s a little different, where do you turn? How do you shake up your deckbuilding tendencies to make new and fun
decks? Are you in a Commander rut? Well then hit the random card button over at Gatherer until one pops up, and you can build around that one!

So, to make a long story short, I did! And you can already tell by the title of the article who I managed to flip over: Lady Caleria!

Why does Lady Caleria, who has the most pointed ears of any lady ever, count as a human? What happened there? When they did the great creature type update,
they removed types that made sense in the backstory. Nekrataal was a Sheitan-a race of genie folk– and now it’s a human assassin. So maybe she was human
somewhere, and despite the obvious elf art, they went with human.

So, no elven love for Lady Caleria. However, she is an archer. And we’ve had one archer enabler card in Magic so we might as well toss that in!

Now, do I want to push the archer theme? Perhaps a bit, but we can do some other stuff too.

The first cards I added were Greatbow Doyan, Brigid, Nylea, and then her Bow. I thought Lady Zhurong would be a nice play off the Lady thing. Then
suddenly, I thought about a group of powerful women adventurers heading out for justice and nature. Captain Sisay can summon those folks up nicely for us.
I added other female legendary creatures that fit that theme.

They needed to feel like an actual member of an adventuring party. Angels like Akroma or Avacyn weren’t eligible. And they needed to not suck. While
Rashida Scalebane looks like a grand adventurer, she’s a bit limited in ability, you know? In leapt major characters (Glissa), supporting ones (Mirri), bit
players (Saffi Eriksdotter), and even descendants of characters (Oriss, who seems to play the healer role of the party quite well). And where do they meet
up? At the Adventurer’s Guildhouse of course!

Don’t forget how Elspeth can help out the team too! She can assist them to cross planes and visit places like Eiganjo Castle, Yavimaya Hollow, and Okina,
Temple to the Grandfathers. She’s even one of the few people who can actually find the Haven of the Kor.

I pushed the Ladies and Weapons theme some more with stuff like Godsend, Stoneforge Mystic, and Spear of Heliod.

With so many awesome themes going on, let’s look at the decklist!

Miss Caleria If You're Nasty
Abe Sargent
Test deck on 08-11-2014

Our Lady of Caleria is bringing a lot of fun here! She has an adventuring party, a troupe of archers that follow her, and the weapons necessary to defeat
evil and badness in the pursuit of good’ity and stuff. We even have our first destination for this adventuring party: the Temple of the False God. It needs
to have all of the monsters there cleaned out, so that it can once again tap for mana. We will restore it to the Temple of the True God! For Nylea!

In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the women in our party. Sure, we are lacking in sneaky thieves, but we have everything else while women of
all races have collected to kick your ass!

Oriss, Samite Guardian
She can heal the party in a grand cleric tradition.

Commander Eesha
She’ll fly down from the skies, bringing a special form of Aven martial arts to destroy evil.

Mirri, Cat Warrior
– She can slip through the trees and hunt down villainy!

Brigid, Hero of Kinsbaile
– A potent female archeress joins Lady Caleria in pinning evil doers in place, along with…

Rashka the Slayer
– Fighting the Sengir clan for decades.

Lady Zhurong, Warrior Queen
– Riding her horse into battle is Lady Zhurong, bringing a savagery to smiting!

Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker
– Don’t let the court-raised exterior distract you from this hardcore dispatcher of wrongness.

Selvala, Explorer Returned
– This strong ranger finds the right trail and keeps vile foes from getting away.

Anthousa, Setessan Hero
– She’ll bring the Theros beats with her potent fighter stylings.

Asmira, Holy Avenger
– This holy adventuress won’t rest until evil lays low.

Glissa Sunseeker
– Never lets her enemies rest and hide, pursuing her foes relentlessly.

Kemba, Kha Regent
– No one better understands how to use these weapons to slay the nasty foes of order and righteousness.

Saffi Eriksdotter
One of the most selfless women on the squad.

Captain Sisay
– The second-in-command of this expedition of evil-ass-kicking, she’ll find the other women to smite! She is the Executive Officer (XO).

Lady Caleria
– Our Leader in Green and White. The Commanding Officer (CO).

Nylea, God of the Hunt
The patron of this troupe.

Elspeth, Knight-Errant
– The adviser and porter, taking them to various planes to annihilate monsters and madmen alike.

Wherever villainy and evil strike, there is Lady Caleria and her party to put them down like the scurvy dogs they are!

Now, in order to do their best nasty-stomping, they need to be fully equipped. So let’s give them the arms and armor that will best eviscerate their
enemies. What would work?

I’d like to begin with some good swords: Sword of Light and Shadow and Sword of Vengeance. Both will give the team some needed abilities and assist in
good, old fashioned evil smiting! Also, check out the interesting Heartseeker. This sword can be thrown at the heart of an enemy and immediately kill it!
Just pick up the blade and repeat. In addition to the many bows, it gives the team another angle of long range attack.

For other ranged attacks, we have the Viridian Longbow. Nylea has been gracious to grant a boon to Lady Caleria and her Bow is available as well!

Elspeth has loaned Lady Caleria her own personal weapon for the cause of righteousness! Godsend can provide a lot of power to the team as they carve
through any sort of enemy that faces them. Not even a god can stop a person with this weapon! So beware Erebos, God of the Dead! Elspeth also secured the
weapon of her patron, the Spear of Heliod, to aid the team in this hour of need.

Don’t forget to shod yourself with the Swiftfoot Boots or the Lightning Greaves. Many a soldier has fallen in battle by forgetting proper armor. With the
right footwear, you can get to battle more quickly! Finally, the Darksteel Plate is so powerful that nothing can penetrate it. With it girded about you,
you are immune from any harm and safe in the knowledge that your mission cannot be stopped by a stray arrow or an errant Lightning Bolt. Also, see the
Shield of the Oversoul for additional assistance that can be gathered.

We have the Brass Squire to help you wield these arms as well as a Stoneforge Mystic to make them. If necessary, we can just go on a Quest for the Holy
Relic to find one. Lady Caleria’s team will easily succeed at this minor challenge!

These are the days of heroes! So we have a podium for them to be accounted as great! Allow the sages and bards to tell the tales of the majestic deeds that
Lady Caleria and her band have done to make worlds safer! We can tell the tale of the crusade of the cathars, in a far away land to smite hordes of undead.
Or of the Collective Blessing bestowed on them after saving the plant-people of the garden sanctuaries of Ravnica against the destructive Gruul hordes.
Even Heliod was impressed; he granted his Dictate to secure the strength of Caleria’s fight against the dark forces of her time.

They have secured the aid of lesser heroes: Intrepid Heroe, Hero of Bladehold, and many more. But one of their greatest triumphs was finding the lost
Memorial to the great Akroma in the devastated plane of Dominaria. It was a long trek to the outlands, and it took them weeks of searching and fighting
countless battles. But they found it and cleansed the area around of any foul taint.

Today, Lady Caleria’s band still travels, with their squires, heroes, and archers gathered from many planes. They have an army, they have the heroics, and
they have the weapons to carve out justice across the face of the multiverse!

What will you give to Lady Caleria’s cause?