Delver Reanimator In Legacy

If you’re looking for a deck to play at SCG Legacy Open: Dallas this weekend, check out two-time SCG Legacy Open finalist Drew Levin’s videos with Delver Reanimator!


Round 1: Elves

Round 2: Oops, All Spells!

Round 3: Dredge

Round 4: Cloudpost MUD

As you can see, the cantrips allow the deck to be incredibly versatile, shifting from a Young Pyromancer beatdown plan into a Reanimate targeting Griselbrand plan on a moment’s notice. As both plans are objectively powerful, opponents have to build their decks to react to either. Since they can’t be sure which plan we’re more committed to, they run the classic risk of having the wrong answers.

You can see this play out perfectly in the video against UWR Delver—we Griselbrand him in game 1, and his Meddling Mage and Rest in Peace are no match for our Young Pyromancer plus entourage in game 2.

I’ll be here all week next week, providing insight into the state of the Legacy metagame in the days leading up to Grand Prix Washington DC. If you’re still unsure of what to play or how to build your deck of choice, I’ll have plenty of lists for you.

See you Monday!

Drew Levin
@drewlevin on Twitter