Deconstructing U/W in Betrayers Limited Part 1

Throughout time two draft archetypes have risen above the rest in terms of power and consistency. Those are mono-Black and Blue/White. If you default to one of these archetypes without knowing exactly what is in the set, you can’t go too wrong. Sure it may cause you to pick a Harsh Deceiver earlier than it should be picked, but by following the guidelines of sets past, you should be able to draft a competitive deck. In this article I am going to discuss the drafting of Blue/White in Champions/Champions/Betrayers (CCB)from the commons right up to the rares, with a pick order for every card on the list.

Throughout time two draft archetypes have risen above the rest in terms of power and consistency. Those are mono-Black and Blue/White. If you default to one of these archetypes without knowing exactly what is in the set, you probably can’t go too wrong. Sure it may cause you to pick a Harsh Deceiver earlier than it should be picked, but by following the guidelines of sets past, you should be able to draft a competitive deck.

In this article I am going to discuss the drafting of Blue/White in Champions/Champions/Betrayers (CCB). Blue/White is an extremely forgiving draft archetype. That’s probably why I have always been such a fan of it. As long as you know your play strategy going in, you won’t be hurt as much by small misplays as you might in a Black/Red aggressive deck.

White affords you a lot of options. At first glance White looks like a very aggressive color. Two playable one-drops, the best common creature with Bushido, Indomitable Will, its best common making blocking effectively nearly impossible… All these things are boons to an aggressive deck, and if you get them with Red and pull off the Kami of Fire’s Roar/Blessed Breath/Lava Spike deck, more power to you. However all the cards I named above are high quality defensive cards too. Have you ever been playing Blue staring at the Sorotami Mirror-Guard that can’t attack through the Lantern Kami? What about your Kami of the Hunt that can only exchange mean glances with the Devoted Retainer? Ever tried to do combat math with an untapped Kitsune Blademaster or Kabuto Moth? These things can be very frustrating and against poor players will induce fatal mistakes. Don’t believe what they tell you about Moonlit Strider. That boy will mess up your opponent’s game plan and when he’s done, you get back your Kabuto Moth. And when you are finally ready to end the game, your Waxmane Baku is there to help.

No color can hold the ground like White can, and what do you want more than anything when the ground is clogged? Blue fliers of course! The Soratami family, Teller of Tales, and Shimmering Glasskite will be more than happy to provide the offense to make the defense feel productive. Ninjutsu’s perfect home is in Blue/White. They have the most fliers and half the Ninjas!

KK Loves You, [card name=

I think what I like the most about White/Blue in this set is how effective the removal is: Cage of Hands, Heart of Light, and yes, Mystic Restraints. I am so sick and tired of so-called-playas hatin’ on Mystic Restraints. Okay, it’s not the best card in the world, but it’s at least a tribute. What the heck do you want out of Blue removal? Does anyone remember Dehydration? Does anyone play with it in the 888 drafts on Magic Online? That’s a good card and it isn’t half the card Mystic Restraints is. I’m not saying this is a bomb. It’s probably 4th or 5th on the list of Blue picks, but the card is good. I don’t mean playable, I don’t mean okay, I mean good. I want this card in my deck. If I don’t have one, I feel like less of a man. And when I read people calling it bad? It drives me up the proverbial wall. It is Instant speed, Blue removal that also stops tap abilities! It’s likely the best Blue removal ever made not counting Jilt! Sure there are cards that kill it or deal with it, but that can be said about anything. Maybe if the creature untapped when Restraints went to the yard I’d consider moving it down to “Okay,” but the card as it stands now is good.

My attempt to bring Geordie back to writing will be stealing his pick order style. I’m going to start with commons, move to uncommons showing where they stand in relation to the commons and then do the same with the rares. I’ll start with Champions. Remember these pick orders are subject to change, so check your local draft deck before heading out to the pick (thanks Todd):

1. Teller of Tales

This ability is so versatile. I love this card. I think it is more important to this deck than the Moth, even if Moth may be the better card. You need to secure an offense.

2. Kabuto Moth

A monster on both offense and defense. He is somewhat more fragile with Torrent of Stone getting printed, but still gets the job done. When he is untapped and has gotten over his case of summoning sickness attacking and blocking become a nightmare for your opponent.

3. Soratami Mirror-Guard

As powerful as this card was before it is even more powerful with Ninjas.

4. Kitsune Blademaster

If Moth is the brains behind the operation, this guy’s the brawn. All by himself he can make attacking and blocking a nightmare for your opponent. The only reason he is a step below the Moth is that he isn’t nearly as versatile.

5. Cage of Hands

While this isn’t the best removal card in the set I truly like the fact that this card can be moved later. No need to hem and haw over the decision to cast this early. It’ll still be there for you when the sh** hits the fan.

6. Kami of Ancient Law

Plenty of good targets for this ability, and a grizzly bear to boot. Take him when you see him.

7. Mothrider Samurai

As Gary Wise always used to muse, “2/2 Fliers for 4 never really excite me.” Well this one excites me. The Bushido comes into play as often as not. I want this guy in my deck.

8. Soratami Rainshaper

This color combo isn’t light on three-drops, which is nice. The fliers got better in general, but I really think the ability on this card is highly underrated.

9. River Kaijin

The best offense is a good defense. Or is the other way around? In any case, this guy is really good in this deck, especially since most of your offense comes in the four-and five-drop slots. This is a card you will really want to pick up for a deck like this.

10. Hundred Talon Kami

To win with this deck you need fliers. While this guy isn’t the pick of the litter, if you don’t wind up with six or more fliers your deck will be hurting. Not an all-star, but a great team player.

11. Consuming Vortex

This card is weaker in this deck than I expected it to be. I still like it, but the bounce isn’t as good since you are rarely playing the tempo game. However, this deck is really good at setting up bad situations for your opponents. Good players will find viable attacks through your defenses and will often accept some attrition losses to get damage through. Well when they do that and all of the sudden the damage they were supposed to deal is in their hand you have just made a major swing in the game.

12. Mystic Restraints

I have sung this card’s praises already.

13. Indomitable Will

In my first draft I had this much lower. This card wasn’t so good in the deck when it was just Champions, but its stock has gone way up with the introduction of Ninjas.

14. Soratami Cloudskater

In addition to being an annoying flier, this card can break stalemates like no other Champions common in this set.

15. Devoted Retainer

One-drops really went up in value, particularly in Blue decks. Adam Chambers showed me the power of this card before I saw a single Betrayers card. This card sits on the board getting in damage early, then sitting on the board later laughing at your opponent who isn’t attacking you because he doesn’t want to trade his three-drop for your one-drop.

16. Lantern Kami

If you have a lot of Ninjas or Spiritcraft, go ahead and move this guy above Retainer. He’s the offensive version of the Retainer, but is much better against Blue decks.

17. Kitsune Riftwalker

Situationally an amazing attacker and blocker. I won’t lie, this guy doesn’t always make the main deck, but I still pick him relatively early because he is nearly a bomb out of the board.

18. Floating-Dream Zubera

Often the least thrilling Zubera to attack into. Even when this guy chump blocks your opponent isn’t happy. A good, cheap defensive card.

19. Reach Through Mists

It’s always nice to have one of these for splicing purposes. Plus if you have nothing else to do on turn 1, nothing wrong with playing a 39-card deck.

20. Blessed Breath

This card moves way up in an aggressive deck. In this deck it is often not needed. Again I’ll play it more often than not, it just isn’t at it’s best in a highly defensive deck.

21. Kitsune Diviner

Tappers are awesome, situational tappers are situationally awesome. Control decks can’t really afford to main deck cards like this. Single-minded cards will only lose you games when they aren’t relevant.

22. Counsel of Soratami

I respect cookies! Who doesn’t respect cookies?! Nothing wrong with drawing cards especially later on when the ground is stalled.

23. Callous Deceiver

A poor substitute for River Kaijin, but a substitute nonetheless. Sometimes he can’t do what you need him to do, hold the ground early, but sometimes beggars can’t be choosers.

24. Harsh Deceiver

This guy likely should have been 1WW. At 3W it is a little too slow for our purposes here, but he isn’t “bad” in the deck.

25. Kami of the Painted Road

Oh my pretty chitty bang bang chitty chitty bang bang I love you, and my pretty chitty bang bang chitty chitty bang bang loves me too! I have played this guy more than twice. You should have better things to put in the five-drop slot. But if you don’t, there’s no real shame here. [Except for the fact that you just sang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in front of thousands of readers… – Knut]

26. Quiet Purity

A strong sideboard card. You really want to be able to deal with enchantments.

27. Hisoka’s Defiance

This card could easily be maindecked, but I’d usually leave it in the board.

28. Call to Glory

The deck we are drafting here doesn’t focus much on Samurais. It just doesn’t do enough often enough in this deck.

29. Thoughtbind

A softer, but more versatile counter. Sadly it costs 3. You can bring this in against cheap cards that must be stopped.

30. Silent-Chant Zubera

Bring this card in against highly aggressive decks. If you need to start it don’t worry. Adam Chambers starts it every draft, even if he has to splash.

31. Kitsune Healer

If you are filled to the brim with Legends I suppose this guy’s okay. Also once he is on the board he can be a pain, but you want to be doing far greater things on your 4th turn. Leave this guy in the board.

32. Pious Kitsune

Not so hot, but in this deck the lifegain can be relevant. I’m not saying play him, but I’m not saying don’t look at him either.

33. Kami of Twisted Reflection

This guy should probably be higher, but I absolutely hate him. He always screws up my mana and his ability is rarely relevant.

34. Wandering Ones

Rarely seen getting play in a deck that doesn’t have devouring greed, but I could see running him in a deck with several Ninjas of the Deep Hours if you didn’t get any Lantern Kamis or Devoted Retainers.

35. Ethereal Haze

Here is where we get into the Dampen cards. Taking these cards is better than hate-drafting because hey, you never know. Haze is the most useful outside a Dampen deck. You can side it in against highly aggressive decks.

36. Peer Through Depths

If you are drafting this deck properly, this card will almost always miss.

37. Psychic Puppetry

Not much going on here. You shouldn’t be able to splice it very effectively so it’s just a really poor choice.

38. Eye to Nowhere

You can side this card in vs. decks with a lot of creature Enchantments. It can also be sided in against Genjus, but I would never main deck it.

39. Sift through Sands

It impresses me that on a list of 44 cards we are at number 39 and still haven’t reached completely unplayable yet. The big problems here are 3 mana and double Blue. I just try to avoid having a lot of non-creature spells in this deck as you always want board control.

x. Terashi’s Cry

x. Lifted by Clouds

x. Hisoka’s Guard

x. Vigilance

x. Field of Reality

As you can see Flying and defense are the most valuable cards for this archetype. If your draft hasn’t gone as smoothly as you had hoped, even cards like Harsh Deceiver and Pious Kitsune can play a roll. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t want to be playing those cards, but you don’t really want to be venturing into a third color and these cards are often better than a splash. I think that this was one of the best-designed sets for limited of all time. While nearly every card is playable in the right niche, determining that niche and drafting the deck properly is quite difficult.

Your control elements should focus on creatures. They are renewable resources without requiring mana after they are cast. Cards like Cage and Restraints are fine, but your deck should revolve around men. Now let’s take a look at where the uncommons fall.

0.1 Nagao, Bound by Honor

I probably don’t need to say much about him, but he ends games really fast. He comes out earlier than most bombs, and has just as strong an effect on the board.

0.2. Honden of Cleansing Fire

The best of its breed. As if this card weren’t good enough on its own, it is in a color with one of the other good ones. This card by itself can keep you in games until you stabilize. If you have it out with any other Honden, your opponent isn’t winning. When I said don’t splash in this deck, an off-color Honden if you have this one is an exception to the rule.

2.1. Ghostly Prison

I used to be much higher on this card. I still like it a lot in aggressive deck, and it is a boon to most control decks, but in the control decks it doesn’t do all that much that a Kitsune Blademaster doesn’t do.

2.2. Samurai of the Pale Curtain

This deck is all about surviving the early game and this card is tough to attack through. He will also do some early points of damage that can help you later on. Lastly, all control decks have trouble with card advantage and this card stops Soulshift.

3.1. Soratami Savant

Here is another card I overvalued in the early going. Still a powerful spell, and if you have land and board advantage, you simply can’t lose. However if either of those pieces is missing, this is little more than a 2/2 flier.

3.2. Honden of Seeing Winds

“It doesn’t matter what it costs once it’s on the table.” – Adam Chambers of “Gindy’s Sister’s Fan Club.” This isn’t the flashiest application of this saying, we’ll get to more later. It is, however, the most prominent. This card once it is on the table is really hard for your opponent to keep up with, especially if you are doing what this deck is designed to do. Card drawing without any pressure on you is one of the most powerful scenarios you can be in.

3.3. Sire of the Storm

Less consistent card drawing, but a 3/3 flier. Fair enough. This card is on par with the Honden, but the extra mana can be an issue. This deck would much rather have Teller of Tales than this guy.

4.1. Soratami Mirror-Mage

Returning three lands is quite a hefty price, but the swing it creates is well worth it. He may not look like much at first glance, but I promise you, the first time you activate his ability all will become clear.

4.2. Innocence Kami

again, this card seems costly, but his effect is incredible. This card can do your ground holding all by itself as well as clear the way for your fliers.

4.3. Hankyu

This card may seem high on the list, but Blue/White control decks really want to have this card. This is another Chambers baby, and he is 100% right.

8.1. Reciprocate

Here is the first major gap in uncommon power. Reciprocate is a fine card, but I am not happy when I first pick it. I have never been a fan of removal that let’s your opponent get a free hit in. I am glad, however, that they only costed it at 1 and added “remove from game.” This is a solid card, I just value it slightly lower than most.

8.2. Konda’s Hatamoto

Stops many attacks and only costs 2. I am a big fan of this guy and if you manage to draft some Legendary Samurai, well then aren’t you just the bees knees?

9.1. Kami of Old Stone

I have grown rather weary of the use of “butt” and “ass” when talking about toughness. I’ve explained many times the purpose of this deck, and I am sure you can see all too well how this bad boy fits in.

9.2. Otherworldly Journey

When your deck focuses on creatures, a card that does tricks with creatures is always solid. Plus this allows you a rare chance to get an Arcane spell into your deck.

12.1. No-Dachi

In a deck full of 1/2s, 1/4s and 1/7s this card can make quite a difference. Once you have stabilized and are going through the motions of attacking for the win, this card can perform double duty if you have extra mana sitting around.

13.1. Hinder

I have never been a big fan of counters in Limited, I do like the fact that this one gives you an option of what to do. While the vast majority of the time you will be putting the card under, it does give you an option and there are a few spells in the format that simply must be stopped. Devouring Greed and Soulblast are particularly bashed by this card.

13.2. Candle’s Glow

Same concept as Otherworldly Journey. While this card is a first pick bomb in a Dampen deck, it won’t be that great for you in this deck. It is solid, however, so don’t be afraid to draft it and play it.

14.1. Petals of Insight

Similar in function to Honden of the Seeing Winds, but I like the idea of amortizing my draws. Odds are you’ll get more than 3 cards off the Honden. Also you get all your cards at once here, that can really clog your hand. It’s not that this card is bad, I’d just rather cast the Honden or a Teller on turn 5.

14.2. Samurai Enforcers

I started liking this card all on my own, though it does fall under the Chamber’s rule of cards. Once this guy is on the table, he is a force to be reckoned with.

14.3. Kami of Palace Fields

I really like Soulshift. I play this guy a lot, likely more than I should. I sorta like him in the air, as not much in the format stops him. Many people consider him unplayable, but I think he has his spot.

16.1. Bushi Tenderfoot

You aren’t gonna flip this guy, so give up the dream. Particularly in this deck as I don’t have the cards that keep him alive at a premium. That being said, he is a one drop, and I am a fan of one drops in this deck. And you never know, maybe, just maybe, someday, you’ll flip him. Come on, I say that sh** just clownin’ dawg. How f**ked up is you?

16.2. Soratami Seer

The bottom of the proverbial barrel. You need these kind of men in your deck, but he is the worst of his breed. Try not to play him, but if you are below the 6 good flier threshold, he should probably make the cut.

17.1. Tenza, Godo’s Maul

Not really doing anything in this deck, but if you have Legends it obviously becomes better. If you find yourself with a lot of 1/3s rather than 1/4s then you can play this card as defense against Bushido, but more often than not it should stay in the board if not the pack.

17.2. Jade Idol

You really shouldn’t be able to make use of this character. Definitely don’t pick him high. If one falls into your lap and your count is over 10, you can play him, but I advise against it.

21.1. Squelch

While this card has gotten better with Ninjutsu, I still think this is a card you want left in the board and sided in appropriately.

27.1. Honor-Worn Shaku

This is one of my pet cards. It isn’t all that great in a vacuum, but there are decks that can use this card effectively. If you are bogged down with 5 drops and light on 3 drops, this card becomes much better. Of course if you are light on 3 drops with this deck something has gone wrong.

30.1. Nine-Ringed Bo

A fine sideboard card against Red/Black.

30.2. Guardian of Solitude

Most of your guys should already fly, or not care about flying. This guy is great in Green/Blue. Here, notsomuch.

x.x. Dampen Thought

x.x. Graceful Adept

x.x. Eerie Procession

x.x. Cut the Tethers

x.x. Cleanfall

x.x. Reito Lantern

x.x. Sensei’s Divining Top

x.x. Student of Elements

x.x. Horizon Seed

x.x. Aura of Dominion

I assume by now you all see where the strategy of this deck is headed, so I am going to move right on to the rares.

0.0.1. Meloku the Clouded Mirror

The best card in the set and obviously nothing is really going to change because you are drafting this archetype. This card is nearly impossible to beat unless they kill it before you untap, or you are so far behind that nothing would save you.

0.0.2. Keiga, the Tide Star

The third best card in the set. You still want it in your deck for all the obvious reasons.

0.0.3. Eight-and-a-Half-Tails

How can you pass this many tails. It’s like an 8.5 for 1! Again one of the top 10 cards in the set, nothing to see here.

0.1.1. Yosei, the Morning Star

Yosei is awesome, but in this deck you don’t really want to be taking him over Nagao. He is gonna be a strong finisher and rather annoying if your opponent does manage to get him in the graveyard.

0.1.2. Hikari, Twilight Guardian

I’m not actually sure if Yosei is better than this guy. Fortunately it is completely irrelevant. They both sit in this section of the pick order and they are both rare, so you’ll never have to choose between them.

0.1.3 Uyo, Silent Prophet

She may speak softly, but she carries a big stick. This card would be a bargain at any price, for 6 she is right up there with the dragons. Again this card could be better than the 2 listed above, but no real need to compare.

2.0.1. Oathkeeper, Takeno’s Daisho

In a deck that only gets better as you add more Samurai, this card is off the hook. All your defensive non-Samurai creatures have large toughnesses, and this makes them a force to be reckoned with.

2.2.1. Sensei Golden Tail

This guy is good, but we are falling out of the realm of “bombs.” I’m not entirely sure why they made his ability a Sorcery. I’m sure there’s a logical explanation. Maybe they just didn’t want to deal with people trying to add the counter after blockers were declared. In anycase, this is a fine two-drop that can really help your defense throughout the game.

4.0.1. Myojin of Cleansing Fire

While it is expensive it is still the best Myojin by far. If you have some bounce in your deck this card becomes even more absurd. You won’t normally need to bounce it, but it is sure fun to do and very demoralizing to your opponent. Betrayers gives us Final Judgment as a real Wrath effect, but you’ll still want this one for your deck.

4.1.1. Isamaru, Hound of Konda

This is a very efficient and effective card. It can get in early damage, and stop later damage. It isn’t very fancy, but it is as powerful a vanilla creature as you will ever find.

6.0.1. Tatsumasa, the Dragon Fang

This card reminds me of Sword of Kaldra. Everything I knew about Mirrodin Block draft theory told me that Sword should be awful. It was clunky, it was a potential tempo nightmare, and it was easy to deal with. Dragon Fang is not easy to deal with but it does hold the other 2 characteristics. But the fact remains that I have played with it and against it quite a bit and it always effects the game. It is a great win condition for a defensive deck.

8.1.1. Long-Forgotten Gohei

Not the bomb in this deck that it is in most, it is still quite good. It makes those Callous Deceivers effective. It makes Kabuto Moth even sicker. It makes Teller a bomb. If you open it in your first pack and you aren’t trying to force the deck you can pick it over anything on the commons or uncommons list. But in this particular deck it is merely very good, not a bomb.

8.1.2. Azami, Lady of Scrolls

Not Azami, Lady of Rolls, mind you. This card is quite good. This deck will usually have quite a few Wizards in it. But be careful. I learned the hard way that Cloudskater is not a Wizard.

10.0.1 Orochi Hatchery

You will almost always run 18 land in this deck so this card is quite good. While you sit on your defenses you can build up an army of 1/1s. If you get enough counters on this you can use it defensively by chump blocking and still coming out ahead.

12.0.1 Moonring Mirror

This card is good. If you draft it you should be playing it in this deck unless you wind up with too many card drawers somehow. This has a lot in common with Honden of the Seeing Wind, it just doesn’t get boosted by anything, and you have to take a bunch of cards at once normally.

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12.1.1. Reverse the Sands

Another Chambers card. He always loves things that cost infi and win you the game. People have a hard time killing Chambers in Limited because he doesn’t “make mistakes.” As such, cards that cost a million and more or less win the game are very much in his favor. I have learned to like this card quite a bit in this deck since this deck is quite good at getting to the late games even without flawless play.

13.1.1. Takeno, Samurai General

Now we start getting into the realm of cards that are slightly more expensive than their value. These cards are all playable but are slightly over costed. Tread lightly here. This card is nice though because all your early defensive Samurai now become formidable attackers.

20.0.1. Konda, Lord of Eiganjo

They can’t stop him they can only hope to contain him. He’s a good win condition, but expensive and won’t help you if you are far behind.

20.0.2. The Unspeakable

Also known as The Bunzpeakable. In truth, there are far worse cards. You don’t really want to be playing him but he isn’t a bad win condition.

21.0.1. Time Stop

This deck never leaves mana open so you won’t always get a huge effect with this card. It is certainly playable, but at six mana, I don’t think this provides the kind of swing you’d want out of a six casting cost spell.

21.0.2. Gifts Ungiven

This card doesn’t look like much on the surface, but when many of the cards in your deck serve a redundant purpose this card becomes much better.

22.0.1. General’s Kabuto

This card is a major annoyance, but it is solid. It is a little expensive, but its effect can be game changing.

22.0.2. Kusari-Gama

Some people like this card, but I find it to be quite clunky. KG requires far more mana than this deck is willing to surrender.

22.0.3. Jushi Apprentice

Speaking of not willing to surrender mana, this card is too much of a commitment that this deck doesn’t want to make. If you have other card drawers this becomes better, but generally you shouldn’t be looking out for him.

22.0.4. Masako, the Humorless

This card is definitely playable, but not of too much use in this deck. You don’t normally need your attackers to be blocking. The blockers you have in your decks should be more than capable of doing the blocking, and you are normally only attacking with 1-3 guys a turn.

27.0.1. Konda’s Banner

I have lost to this card before. Don’t worry, just a game, I still took the match. This card is playable but you’ll want about 3 or more legends in your deck and you want them each to have 3 or more cards with color or type in common.

27.0.2. Hair-Strung Koto

If you see this one late, don’t ignore it. If you wind up short on fliers this can serve as a win condition. It becomes even better if you’ve picked up a Soratami Mindsweeper.

27.0.3. Hold the Line

This deck specializes in blocking. You normally won’t need this card. It’s sort of like a “win more” card in that it makes the deck better at its core competency.

30.0.1. Reweave

This card, while good in Dampen, rarely shines in this deck. Six mana is far too much, and you will rarely have an opportunity to splice it if you have drafted correctly.

32.0.1. Kitsune Mystic

This isn’t a card you want in your deck unless you are running the double Vigilance tech like Adam Chambers is known for. Your deck, ideally, shouldn’t have enough creature enchantments to make this guy worthwhile. If you wind up with a Tallowisp, you can reevaluate this card.

x.x.x. Journeyer’s Kite

x.x.x. Hisoka, Minamo Sensei

x.x.x. Vassal’s Duty

x.x.x. Myojin of Seeing Winds

x.x.x. Part the Veil

x.x.x. Swirl the Mists

x.x.x. Imi Statue

x.x.x. Junkyo Bell

x.x.x. Shell of the last Kappa

x.x.x. Uba Mask

And that was only part 1! While this pick order is a great guide, remember that the strength of this deck comes from the synergies in its style of play. If you need 1/4’s, then you may have to pass that good flier for it. You need to have all gears of this deck running for it to be dominant. If you are weak in one of the areas and stronger in another, the deck will be weaker overall even if the shifts are seemingly equal.

Check out part two for all the new and exciting cards that make this deck even more powerful! And remember, don’t believe anything Tim tells you. I didn’t pass a Patron of the Kitsune, he didn’t open a Genju of the Realm, I do not drive a Mercedes Bunz, Kokusho is not better than Glacial Ray, he is the future of American Magic, and he doesn’t think he is nearly as bad as he says he is. Though he did rock the “Nothing But Red Bull Week Long Diet” for at least 50 hours, so congrats to him on that.

To Be Continued!


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