Daily Digest: Tom Martell Fans Rejoice!

For today’s Daily Digest, Gerry looks at a new take on Esper Stoneblade that seems to be breathing some new life into the archetype just in time for this weekend’s Invitational!

I bet most Tom Martell fans (and that includes Tom himself) are going to be pretty happy to see Esper Stoneblade winning some matches again. While Esper Stoneblade fell out of favor thanks to Deathrite Shaman and the more aggressive builds, you can’t really argue against the fact that Esper Stoneblade is a better home for Dig Through Time. The deck normally played some fancy one-of’s and a lot of answers, so Dig Through Time fits perfectly.

Tasigur, the Golden Fang is also a pretty nice addition. It does a good Tarmogoyf impression that dodges removal like Abrupt Decay and Lightning Bolt, but also gives you something to do with your unspent mana.

The rest of the deck is mostly the same. Lingering Souls, removal, discard, card advantage, and equipment is basically what the deck is about, and it appears to be back. Perhaps that’s because the aggressive blue decks with no late game find it difficult to compete against those that own the late game.