Daily Digest: Thieves And Artificers

The greatest thief and the greatest artificer have never taken the opportunity to team up before. See if their list could take down #SCGSTL in your hands!

We’ve seen some really sweet looking Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas decks pop up in the Top 8s of Legacy Opens, and I think that deck might be good again. If we’re looking at rebuilding Tezzeret, maybe we should check if there are any new cards that might be good. Perhaps something like the greatest thief in the multiverse, Dack Fayden?

Dack gives you a solid draw engine alongside Punishing Fire, but it’s also great without it because this deck doesn’t really care about raw card advantage. Most of the time you’re looking for very specific cards. Post-board, Dack works well with Goblin Welder against removal heavy decks. Thopter Foundry provides the late game win condition if your planeswalkers don’t get the job done.

Some improvements could be made on this list. For example, there are Marsh Flats over the obvious upgrade in Polluted Delta. Missing are some of the artifact lands that typically appear in these decks that could be useful, but clearly they make the manabase a little rougher. Still, I think they’re worth it, especially if you want to go down the Mox Opal route.

I look forward to seeing where this deck goes!