Daily Digest: Rabble Invasion

No creature has had as great a month as Goblin Rabblemaster. The brews he has found himself in are virtually infinite! Check out this interesting Rabble list before #SCGSTL!

With Chris VanMeter’s recent Open Series win with Jund Monsters, it wouldn’t surprise me if we see Goblin Rabblemaster show up in more places. For today’s
deck, Rabblemaster’s inclusion should be no surprise.

Purphoros and Stoke the Flames are two great ways to abuse Rabblemaster. The best thing about it is that, with other cards like Elspeth, Assemble the
Legion, and Stormbreath Dragon, Rabblemaster joins an impressive slew of threats that must be dealt with.

As CVM has shown the world, “army in a can” cards backed up by removal is a very potent strategy. What’s your favorite Rabblemaster brew?