Daily Digest: Flash Dragons

Esper Dragons was one of the big contenders to survive the giant October rotation threshing, and it looks like it proved its points last weekend. Can it repeat at #SCGATL?

The fate of Esper Dragons was unknown going into #SCGINDY. Most of the deck remained intact, but Ruinous Path was clearly worse than Hero’s Downfall. It seems that people forgot about Utter End. Once you have Utter End, you can play at nearly instant speed, with the exception of your win conditions and sweepers.

Jeff’s deck also has a minor exile theme with Complete Disregard, which makes dealing with Hangarback Walker much easier than you might expect from a control deck. That’s very important for a deck with a bunch of Foul-Tongue Invocations and Blighted Fens.

Despise is a nice card too! It’s clearly not as good as Thoughtseize was, but having a card that can nab an early Gideon, Ally of Zendikar is almost necessary at this point.

The combination of Dig Through Time, removal, counterspells, and big Dragons is still potent. It even put two people into the Top 8. Jeff’s build looked like the best though, and I fully expect people to work off his list going forward.