Daily Digest: Combo In Standard, Part 3

GerryT thought the Abzan Rally deck from #SCGRICH would be the be-all, end-all combo deck of Standard before #PTOrigins… but today’s deck shows there’s more combo out there if you want to look for it!

Oh, boy. I thought Ray Tautic’s Rally the Ancestors combo was going to be the last new combo deck, but here we are. This deck also features Return to the Ranks instead of Rally the Ancestors, but instead of winning with a large Nantuko Husk it takes infinite turns. It’s not quite that simple though.

In order to take all the turns, you need Dragonscale General alongside Sage of Hours. Cards like Return to the Ranks and Chord of Calling ensure your team is tapped, even in the face of blockers. Disciple of the Ring will likely be used to tap down your opponent’s team so you can freely attack on your Time Walk turns, but it can also be used to protect your combo.

Collected Company doesn’t have as many hits in this deck as I’d like, but this deck needs a way to hit a critical mass of creatures. Since you’re trying to get multiple creatures into play, a whiff could be brutal.

Other than that, this deck borrows a lot of the engine from the Rally deck. Gather the Pack and Satyr Wayfinder fill your graveyard for Return to the Ranks, Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy helps sift through useless cards and provides “flashback” for cards like Chord of Calling, and Den Protector provides some additional resiliency.

With all these combo decks in Standard, Abzan’s reign might be over.