Daily Digest: Ain’t No Hangarback Girl

Magic Origins has just hit MTGO and the Daily Events are firing – what sort of odd decks will the online metagame bring us in time for #PTOrigins and #SCGRegionals this weekend? Check out today’s artifact-centric deck featuring tokens and Pyromancer’s Goggles!

Hangarback Walker is quickly becoming one of the most important cards from Magic Origins. At Pro Tour Magic Origins, I fully expect Hangarback Walker to show up across maindecks and sideboards in various archetypes. At first it didn’t look like it slotted in anywhere, but it’s just a very good card that happens to be reasonable in nearly every deck.

This deck uses cheap token makers alongside Chief Engineer to power out a quick Pyromancer’s Goggles or Hangarback Walker. Thopter Spy Network and Bident of Thassa keep your hand full and your engine running. Overall, it’s a clever mix of cards that seems to get the job done.

We’ve seen some Pyromancer’s Goggles decks pop up, but so far they’ve yet to perform. Perhaps this is the direction they need to take. Being creatureless certainly has its advantages, but in this deck, the creatures are a focal point. For whatever reason, no one seemed to be interested in copying Hordeling Outburst with ze Goggles, but that interaction seems very powerful to me. Sometimes you’ll have to suicide a token to get some damage through, but with Bident of Thassa you’re actively happy to do so.

The tokens allow you to play Stoke the Flames with ease and the artifacts allow you to use Shrapnel Blast. With a Pyromancer’s Goggles on the battlefield, either their board position will rapidly disappear or their life total will. While I prefer Tormenting Voice, Steam Augury does a nice job of refilling your hand.

While I think we can do better, this is the best Pyromancer’s Goggles deck I’ve seen yet.