Daily Digest: Big Blue

Think you’ve seen all the control builds in Standard? Think Esper is the only way to go? You’re dead wrong, and GerryT wants to show you one of the coolest control decks we’ve seen in some time!

Control is always popular, but there is no consensus best list. You just have to assemble a mix of removal, card advantage, and finishers that works well in the format. Recently, the best finisher has been Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. Sometimes people are ramping into Ugin with Mage-Ring Network, but Shrine of the Forsaken Gods works just as well.

Shrine of the Forsaken Gods is quite good in this deck. Not only does it accelerate into Ugin and Ulamog, but it’s also an extra mana source on one of the later turns, which is much appreciated when you’re trying to play catch-up. There’s also some Grave Birthings to provide some additional ramping.

With all the devoid stuff, this deck has the ability to play some Processors, and Blight Herder is among the best of them. It provides a great clock and a bunch of bodies to block with. Realistically, Ugin or Ulamog will provide the killing blow, but Blight Herder can get the job done as well. If not, at least it can bridge the gap between five and eight mana.

This may not be the best version of control right now, but with plenty of exile effects, you don’t have to rely on things like Silkwrap to get rid of Deathmist Raptor or Hangarback Walker for good. All you have to do is cast your spells.