Daily Digest: Beating Up On Brainstorm

Legacy is a format full of powerful cards and high-octane strategies, and there is nothing quite like copying Cloudposts and casting Eldrazi to push you even further over the top.

For most people, Legacy is a place where you get to cast Brainstorm and feel smart while also holding Force of Will and feeling safe. What are the other people supposed to do though? Clearly blue is the best color, but there are other options.

Sure, this deck lacks Brainstorm to sculpt its draws, but it has some Sensei’s Divining Tops. This deck is also more about brute forcing people instead of playing a smooth game. The game-plan of putting a Cloudpost onto the battlefield and using it to make a ton of mana is very solid and happens to go well over the top of all the blue decks in the format.

Wasteland is an issue, but Crop Rotation and Pithing Needle are solid answers. Cloudpost entering the battlefield tapped is a real issue, as you might finally piece together a bunch of Locii only to find yourself needing another untap step to really get going. Exploration and Candelabra of Tawnos solve that issue. Once you get going, Eldrazi and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon will win you the game very easily.

I think people get too cute sometimes. There’s a certain allure to trying to beat everything and jumping through hoops in order to do so. Adding colors and backdoor tutoring packages is all very tempting, but ultimately you end up losing sight of what really matters. In this case, sticking to mono-green is likely going to yield better results, especially if we can find ways to accomplish what we need to without splashing.

I’m basically saying that while splashing blue (or any other color, really) might seem appealing, it’s far more trouble than it’s worth, especially considering this deck seems just as explosive as a G/U build utilizing Show and Tell and Primeval Titan. Sometimes that stuff isn’t necessary and you should trim the fat and focus on making your deck the best that it can be.