Daily Digest: The Day Nourishing Shoal Sold Out

Sometimes, just sometimes, Nourishing Shoal does crazy things it shouldn’t be able to do – usually involving Griselbrand. Gerry takes a look at the latest iteration of the Goryo’s Vengeance deck, courtesy of Grand Prix Charlotte.

The Richmond, VA crew showed up with a new take on an old favorite (of mine at least) at Grand Prix Charlotte, thanks to the hard work of Bob Huang, who you might know as “the dude who built U/R Delver with Treasure Cruise.” Or, you know, the guy who ruined a format. He might have done it again.

Bob’s deck does one thing differently than Griselbrand + Goryo’s Vengeance decks of the past, and that’s kill at instant speed. Previously, Splinter Twin decks used to be a nightmare – not because they had disruption and a fast combo kill but because they also had built-in protection from Goryo’s Vengeance and Through the Breath thanks to Deceiver Exarch and Pestermite. You could assemble your combo and not be able to do anything with it, which is a depressing feeling.

Now, we have Borborygmos Enraged. This deck aims to put a Griselbrand onto the battlefield with Goryo’s Vengeance or Through the Breach, draw some cards, gain life with Nourishing Shoal (pitching Worldspine Wurm), continue drawing cards, and eventually end up with a Borborygmos Enraged in play with a full grip of lands. No attack step necessary!

Thanks to Simian Spirit Guide, Desperate Ritual, and Manamorphose, the deck is capable of “re-comboing” at instant speed. You will end up with Borborygmos on the battlefield and more than enough lands to throw at your opponent. Remember that splice is an actual mechanic!